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Entrepreneurship Research and Reports PRSN6103 Module
Sustainability and Purposeful Business PRSN6116 Module
3D for Visual Effects Pro PRSN5000 Module
3D for Visual Effects-Core PRSN4000 Module
3D Foundation PRSN7010 Module
A Systems Approach to Managing Complexity BUSN9900 Module
Accounting and Finance CB862 Module
Accounting and Financial Management BUSN9420 Module
Accounting for Management Control and Decision Making BUSN6770 Module
Accounting for Management Decision Making CB8008 Module
Accounting for Solicitors PRSN7202 Module
Adding Organisational Value 1: Techniques PRSN7112 Module
Adding Organisational Value 2:Major Workplace Project PRSN7117 Module
Advanced 3D For Visual Effects PRSN7011 Module
Advanced Compositing for Visual Effects PRSN7012 Module
Advanced Corporate Reporting PRSN7100 Module
Advanced Financial Accounting ACCT5220 Module
Advanced Financial Accounting BUSN9069 Module
Advanced Financial Management PRSN6101 Module
Advanced Management Accounting ACCT5070 Module
Advanced Management Accounting BUSN8018 Module
Advanced Marketing Research Techniques CB694 Module
Advanced Risk and Digital Decision Making PRSN7101 Module
Advanced Specialism PRSN6000 Module
Advanced Storyboarding PRSN7031 Module
Advocacy and Negotiation PRSN5201 Module
Agile App Design for Business PRSN4100 Module
Analytics and Data PRSN5100 Module
Analytics and Financing in Digital Marketing PRSN6123 Module
Animals & Creatures PRSN7022 Module
Applied Business Modelling BUSN9035 Module
Applied Statistics CB925 Module
Applied Statistics Using Computing Packages BUSN9064 Module
Art & Design PRSN7005 Module
Auditing ACCT5040 Module
Auditing BUSN8004 Module
Bank Asset - Liability Management BUSN9076 Module
Bank Asset - Liability Risk Management BUSN9073 Module
Behavioural Finance BUSN7680 Module
Big Data Analytics and Visualisation BUSN9165 Module
Brand Building and Management PRSN6102 Module
Brand Managment BUSN9005 Module
Branding BUSN7350 Module
Business PRSN7006 Module
Business and Employment Law BUSN5016 Module
Business Economics CB9127 Module
Business Economics CB559 Module
Business Ethics PRSN5101 Module
Business Ethics and Sustainable Management BUSN7330 Module
Business Finance ACCT5020 Module
Business Finance BUSN9480 Module
Business in an International Perspective BUSN9360 Module
Business in Emerging Markets BUSN6730 Module
Business Law CB333 Module
Business Law and Employment Rights CB760 Module
Business Law and Practice PRSN7200 Module
Business Management Project BUSN5420 Module
Business Mathematics PRSN4101 Module
Business Organisation Issues and Skills BUSN3910 Module
Business Placement Experience BUSN6990 Module
Business report and Dissertation DP1425 Module
Business Report in Accounting BUSN9071 Module
Business Report in Accounting BUSN9080 Module
Business Report in Finance BUSN9079 Module
Business Report MSc Suite BUSN9510 Module
Business Skills BUSN3110 Module
Business Statistics and Database Management BUSN9690 Module
Business Taxation BUSN5024 Module
Business to Business Marketing CB588 Module
Business/Consultancy Project BUSN7550 Module
Buyer Behaviour BUSN7380 Module
Buyer Behaviour BUSN7090 Module
Buyer Decision Making BUSN9065 Module
CB6007 People Analytics BUSN6007 Module
CB746 Cross-Cultural Management BUSN7460 Module
Change Management and Digital Transformation PRSN7116 Module
Character and Creature Design PRSN7035 Module
Character and Creature Modelling and Presentation PRSN7036 Module
Character and Creature Production Project PRSN7039 Module
Character and Creature Technical Direction PRSN7037 Module
Character Performance PRSN7021 Module
Client Management PRSN6203 Module
Commercial and Investment Banking BUSN8012 Module
Company Law PRSN5102 Module
Compositing 1 PRSN7013 Module
Compositing 2 PRSN7014 Module
Compositing for Visual Effects-Core PRSN4003 Module
Compositing for Visual Effects-Pro PRSN5001 Module
Computer Animation Advanced PRSN5002 Module
Computer Animation Pro PRSN5003 Module
Computer Animation-Core PRSN4001 Module
Computer Tools for Simulation BUSN9019 Module
Constitutional and Administrative Law PRSN5204 Module
Consultancy Project (Double) PRSN5104 Module
Consultancy Project (Single) PRSN5103 Module
Consumer and Organisational Buying Behaviour BUSN9029 Module
Consumer Behaviour CB695 Module
Contemporary Economic and Social History EH505 Module
Contemporary Fund Management CB9119 Module
Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management BUSN9450 Module
Contemporary Management Challenges PRSN6119 Module
Contemporary Management Challenges BUSN6780 Module
Contemporary Management Challenges BUSX6011 Module
Contemporary Project PRSN7102 Module
Contemporary Strategy PRSN7113 Module
Contemporary Topics in Logistic Research BUSN8023 Module
Contract Law and Consumer Protection CB5014 Module
Contract Law and Consumer Rights CB5009 Module
Corporate and Business Strategy BUSN6790 Module
Corporate Finance BUSN8020 Module
Corporate Finance CB9036 Module
Corporate Financial Reporting CB8009 Module
Corporate Reporting 2 PRSN5105 Module
Corporate Reporting and Finance PRSN5106 Module
Corporate Social and Environmental Management CB9010 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management BUSN6890 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Management BUSN9085 Module
Corporate Strategy and Leadership BUSN7260 Module
Craft PRSN7007 Module
Creative Campaigns PRSN5107 Module
Creative Foundations-Craft PRSN4004 Module
Creative Foundations-Project PRSN4002 Module
Creativity, Innovation and Organisation BUSN7440 Module
Credit Risk BUSN9074 Module
Criminal Law PRSN5205 Module
Critical Thinking for Contemporary Business Issues BUSN7240 Module
Culture and Heritage Tourism CB556 Module
Customer Insights BUSN9066 Module
Data Analysis and Forecasting MA688 Module
Data Analysis and Forecasting BUSN9040 Module
Data Intelligence in Practice BUSN7980 Module
Data Modelling CB965 Module
Data Predictive Analytics PRSN7103 Module
Debt Finance PRSN7205 Module
Decision Analysis BUSN6880 Module
Decision Modelling and Simulation BUSN9660 Module
Delivering Innovation BUSN9099 Module
Derivatives BUSN5031 Module
Derivatives and Risk Management BUSN8016 Module
Developing Business Skills for HRM BUSN9044 Module
Digital and Social Marketing PRSN5108 Module
Digital Consumer Behaviour PRSN5127 Module
Digital Customer Experience and Value Management PRSN5129 Module
Digital information systems: a management perspective BUSN7561 Module
Digital Marketing BUSN9067 Module
Digital Marketing Management PRSN6125 Module
Dissertation PRSN7206 Module
Dissertation for Masters of Finance BUSN9034 Module
Dissertation for MSc in VCM BUSN9055 Module
Dissertation for MSC Value Chain Management CB9018 Module
Dissertation for the Masters of Finance Suite BUSN9052 Module
Dissertation in International Business BUSN9083 Module
Dissertation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management BUSN9057 Module
Diversity in Organisations BUSN6580 Module
Dynamics and challenges of international business BUSN3016 Module
E-Commerce and Business BUSN5870 Module
E-Commerce and Infrastructures CB902 Module
E-Marketing BUSN6020 Module
Economics of the Electronic Market Place CB903 Module
Employability for PGT Business Programmes DP235625 Module
Employability for Stage 3 Business Programmes BUSN7920 Module
Employability Skills Stage 2 BUSN7900 Module
Employee Performance Management BUSN6004 Module
Employee Resourcing BUSN8000 Module
Employment Law PRSN5206 Module
Employment Law PRSN5109 Module
Employment Relations BUSN8001 Module
Employment Relations CB500 Module
Employment Relations & Human Resource Management Project CB690 Module
English Legal System I PRSN4202 Module
English Legal System II PRSN4203 Module
Enterprise BUSN6130 Module
Enterprise Planning Project CB9042 Module
Entrepreneurial Marketing CB710 Module
Entrepreneurship BUSN8870 Module
Entrepreneurship PRSN6118 Module
Entrepreneurship Consultancy Project PRSN5110 Module
Essentials of Financial Risk Management BUSN8011 Module
Ethics of International Business BUSN9059 Module
European Business BUSN6050 Module
European Business BUSN9540 Module
European Union Law PRSN6104 Module
Evaluating Enterprise Potential CB9043 Module
Family Law PRSN5202 Module
Final Project PRSN6105 Module
Finance for Managers CB871 Module
Finance with Excel BUSN6002 Module
Finance with Excel BUSN9060 Module
Finance,Technology and Risk Management PRSN7115 Module
Financial Accounting I ACCT3000 Module
Financial Accounting II ACCT5240 Module
Financial Accounting II ACCT5060 Module
Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis BUSN6750 Module
Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis CB383 Module
Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis (2016/2017) BUSN3690 Module
Financial Analysis for Decision Making BUSN9143 Module
Financial and Management Accounting BUSN9370 Module
Financial and Management Accounting CB540 Module
Financial Assurance and Risk Management PRSN5111 Module
Financial Econometrics BUSN8014 Module
Financial Econometrics BUSN5032 Module
Financial Engineering BUSN8026 Module
Financial Management CB9037 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions BUSN3014 Module
Financial Regulation BUSN8015 Module
Financial Statement Analysis BUSN8006 Module
Financial Statement Analysis and Evaluation BUSN6170 Module
Financial Systems and Institutions BUSN8013 Module
Financial Technology BUSN9195 Module
Fixed Income Markets BUSN8025 Module
Fixed Income Markets and Instruments BUSN6001 Module
Forecasting and Demand Management CB9030 Module
Foundations of Finance BUSN8021 Module
Fundamentals of Accounting and Decision making BUSN5027 Module
Fundamentals of Business and Management BUSN5026 Module
Fundamentals of Corporate Law PRSN5112 Module
Fundamentals of Finance and Investments BUSN3870 Module
Fundamentals of Marketing BUSN5028 Module
Futures and Options Markets BUSN6110 Module
Futures and Options Markets BUSN6014 Module
Game Art-Advanced PRSN7003 Module
Game Art-Foundation PRSN7004 Module
Game Art-FX Technical Art PRSN7002 Module
Game Collaborative Project PRSN7000 Module
Game Production Project PRSN7001 Module
Games and Networks BUSN6000 Module
Generating Theory and Presenting Research BUSN9031 Module
Geography of Tourism II CB604 Module
Geography of Travel & Tourism CB305 Module
Global Business Environment BUSN3430 Module
Global Markets PRSN5113 Module
Global Strategy and Economics CB9144 Module
Global Value Chains, Strategy and Development BUSN9146 Module
Heuristic Methods BUSN9240 Module
Heuristics & Optimisation BUSN9270 Module
HRM Business Report BUSN9049 Module
Human Resource Management BUSN5013 Module
Human Resource management and Development in Practice BUSN9046 Module
Human Resource Management Business Report BUSN9072 Module
Human Resource Management in Context BUSN9045 Module
Human Resource Strategy BUSN9051 Module
Industry Studies 1 PRSN4102 Module
Industry Studies 2 PRSN5114 Module
Industry Studies 3 PRSN6106 Module
Industry Studio Project PRSN5004 Module
Innovation & Entrepreneurship PRSN7104 Module
Innovation Management and New Product Development BUSN9063 Module
Innovation Management and New Product Development BUSN9027 Module
Innovative Marketing Strategies PRSN6107 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BUSN9520 Module
Intellectual Property Law PRSN5203 Module
Intellectual Property Law PRSN6109 Module
Interactive Decision Modelling BUSN7120 Module
International and Comparative Human Resource Management BUSN7530 Module
International Banking BUSN5033 Module
International Business BUSN9460 Module
International Business BUSN5230 Module
International Business 1 BUSN7390 Module
International Business 1 PRSN6120 Module
International Business 2 BUSN7490 Module
International Business 2 PRSN6121 Module
International Business in the Digital Economy BUSN6015 Module
International Business Management Project BUSN7480 Module
International Business Regions 1 PRSN4103 Module
International Business Regions 2 PRSN5115 Module
International Business Regions 3 PRSN6108 Module
International Business: A Strategic Perspective BUSN6740 Module
International Business: Theoretical Insights BUSN6005 Module
International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management BUSN5010 Module
International Entrepreneurship BUSN7470 Module
International Environmental Law CB9013 Module
International Environmental Law CB879 Module
International Financial Markets and Instruments BUSN9075 Module
International Financial Reporting ACCT5260 Module
International Financial Reporting BUSN8017 Module
International Marketing BUSN9490 Module
International Marketing BUSN5440 Module
International Marketing Strategy BUSN9530 Module
International Money and Finance BUSN8019 Module
International Trade and Finance BUSN5720 Module
Introduction to Applied Statistics & Numerical Optimisation CB669 Module
Introduction to Big Data CB554 Module
Introduction to Business Economics PRSN4104 Module
Introduction to Business Modelling BUSN3640 Module
Introduction to Contract Law PRSN5117 Module
Introduction to Digital Marketing BUSN4020 Module
Introduction to Law in Business KBSM3010 Module
Introduction to Management BUSN3120 Module
Introduction to Marketing BUSN6800 Module
Introduction to Marketing BUSN3700 Module
Introduction to Research (Double) PRSN4105 Module
Introduction to Research (Single) PRSN4106 Module
Introduction to Social Marketing BUSN7340 Module
Introduction to Statistics for Business BUSN3130 Module
Introduction to Storyboarding PRSN7030 Module
Introduction to Strategtic Management CB9089 Module
Introduction to Strategy BUSN9400 Module
Introduction to Tort Law PRSN5116 Module
Introductory European and International Business for University FOUN1033 Module
Investment Management BUSN9117 Module
Investments and Portfolio Management BUSN8030 Module
Land Law PRSN6200 Module
Law of Contract PRSN4204 Module
Law of Equity and Trusts PRSN6205 Module
Law of the European Union PRSN5207 Module
Law of Tort PRSN4205 Module
Leadership and Change BUSN9062 Module
Leadership and Management BUSN9047 Module
Leadership and Management Development BUSN6003 Module
Leading and Managing Change PRSN7105 Module
Leading Assurance Engagements PRSN7106 Module
Learning and Development BUSN8010 Module
Legal and Regulatory Requirements in Digital Marketing and Data PRSN4115 Module
Linear Programming and its Application BUSN6680 Module
Listed Company Finance and Governance PRSN7203 Module
Litigation I-Civil PRSN4200 Module
Litigation II-Criminal PRSN5200 Module
Locomotion & Mechanics PRSN7020 Module
Logistic and Supply Chain Management BUSN9960 Module
Logistics, Modelling and Applications BUSN8034 Module
Major Project (Digital Marketing) PRSN6127 Module
Management Accounting ACCT5250 Module
Management Accounting 1 ACCT5210 Module
Management Accounting 1 ACCT5200 Module
Management of Human Resources CB519 Module
Management of Operations BUSN9320 Module
Management Science Modelling BUSN9970 Module
Management Science: Dissertation BUSN9860 Module
Managerial Economics CB874 Module
Managers and Organisations BUSN3020 Module
Managing Complexity : The Systems Approach CB618 Module
Managing Complexity : The Systems Approach BUSN9390 Module
Managing Diversity and Equal Opportunities BUSN8007 Module
Managing Human Resources in Contemporary Organisations BUSN6810 Module
Managing Information CB803 Module
Managing Island and Coastal Tourism BUSN9940 Module
Managing Organisational Performance PRSN5118 Module
Managing People BUSN6820 Module
Managing Processes (Athens, week 1-13) BUSN9430 Module
Managing the Multinational Enterprise BUSN8590 Module
Marketing BUSN9330 Module
Marketing Across Cultures BUSN9090 Module
Marketing and Society BUSN7820 Module
Marketing and the Value Chain BUSN7270 Module
Marketing Communications BUSN5460 Module
Marketing Management Project CB696 Module
Marketing Management Project BUSN7370 Module
Marketing Report BUSN9068 Module
Marketing Research BUSN5450 Module
Marketing Strategy BUSN6830 Module
Marketing Strategy BUSN7580 Module
Mathematics and Statistics for Accounting and Finance BUSN3720 Module
Mathematics for Management Science CB327 Module
Mathematics of Finance CB9121 Module
MBA Business Report BUSN9039 Module
MBA Business Report CM9039 Module
MBA Management Skills and Career Development Report CM9038 Module
MBA Management Skills and Career Development Report BUSN9038 Module
Mobile Marketing and Web Design PRSN6126 Module
Models for Decision Making BUSN9088 Module
Models for Decision Making BUSN9087 Module
Multinationals and the Global Economy BUSN8033 Module
New Enterprise Startup BUSN6120 Module
New Product Marketing BUSN6930 Module
Omni Channel Communications PRSN5128 Module
Operations and Project Management PRSN5119 Module
Operations and Services Management CB606 Module
Operations Management BUSN7860 Module
Operations Management and the Context of Operational Research CB922 Module
Optimization and Heuristics CB692 Module
Organisational Behaviour CB853 Module
Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management BUSN9350 Module
People and Organisations KBSM3000 Module
People Management and Leadership PRSN5120 Module
Performance Management BUSN9680 Module
Performance Management and Soft System Mothodology CB9084 Module
Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence PRSN4201 Module
Personal Skills Development MSc Suite BUSN9500 Module
Personal Taxation BUSN5023 Module
Philosophical Issues and Paradigms in Management Research BUSN9032 Module
Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models CB9118 Module
Practice Legal Research, Writing and Drafting PRSN7201 Module
Predictive Analytics & Big Data PRSN6110 Module
Predictive and prescriptive analytics BUSN7940 Module
Previsualisation PRSN7032 Module
Principles of Business PRSN4107 Module
Principles of Business 1 PRSN4118 Module
Principles of Business 2 PRSN4119 Module
Principles of Corporate Reporting PRSN4108 Module
Principles of Finance ACCT5080 Module
Principles of Finance ACCT5230 Module
Principles of Management Accounting ACCT3050 Module
Principles of Marketing PRSN4113 Module
Principles of Marketing CB560 Module
Principles of MRDM PRSN4109 Module
Private Company Acquisitions PRSN7204 Module
Problem Structuring Approaches for Operational Research BUSN9004 Module
Process PRSN7008 Module
Production and Operations Management BUSN8027 Module
Production Project PRSN7024 Module
Production Project PRSN7034 Module
Production Project PRSN7015 Module
Professional Behaviours and Customer Management PRSN4110 Module
Professional Conduct and Regulations PRSN6204 Module
Professional Practice PRSN6001 Module
Professional Studio Project PRSN6002 Module
Project in Finance CB9116 Module
Project in Management Science or Social Statistics MA660 Module
Project in Management Science or Social Statistics (1 unit) CB525 Module
Project Management BUSN7500 Module
Property Law and Practice PRSN6201 Module
Psychology of the Contemporary Workplace BUSN7510 Module
Purposeful Leadership and Management PRSN7114 Module
Qualitative Research Methods BUSN9033 Module
Quantitative Methods BUSN8022 Module
Quantitative Methods for Business and Accounting AC303 Module
Quantitative Models and Methods for Accounting and Finance BUSN3140 Module
Quantitative Research Methods BUSN9129 Module
Research and Consultancy Methods BUSN7570 Module
Research Frontiers In Management Science BUSN6700 Module
Research Methods BUSN8005 Module
Research Methods CB915 Module
Research Methods (HRM) BUSN9048 Module
Research Methods and Consulting Skills BUSN9200 Module
Research Methods and Skills BUSN9197 Module
Research Methods and Skills (Accounting) BUSN9077 Module
Research Methods and Skills (Finance) BUSN9078 Module
Research Methods and Skills (MBA) BUSN9198 Module
Research Project PRSN6206 Module
Retail Management BUSN9028 Module
Reward & Performance Management BUSN9050 Module
Risk Management BUSN5015 Module
Sales Management PRSN5121 Module
Self Managed Learning PRSN7207 Module
Self-Managed Learning (Double) PRSN4111 Module
Self-Managed Learning (Double) PRSN6111 Module
Self-Managed Learning (Double) PRSN5123 Module
Self-Managed Learning (Single) PRSN6112 Module
Self-Managed Learning (Single) PRSN4112 Module
Self-Managed Learning (Single) PRSN5122 Module
Self-Managed Learning:Digital Graphic Design, Interface and Authoring PRSN5130 Module
Self-Managed Learning:Emerging Technologies, Trends and Themes in Digital Marketing PRSN4117 Module
Service Management BUSN5200 Module
Services, Technology and Marketing BUSN7830 Module
Simulation Modelling BUSN6670 Module
Social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprises BUSN8024 Module
Social Media Strategy and Analytics PRSN6122 Module
Social Responsibility Accounting CB8002 Module
Social Responsibility Accounting AC501 Module
Specialism PRSN5005 Module
Spreadsheet Modelling and Simulation CB9041 Module
Spreadsheet Modelling for Operational Research CB671 Module
Spreadsheets and Decision Support Systems BUSN9210 Module
Stage I Year in Industry Students WSHOP079 Module
Stage II Year in Industry Students WSHOP078 Module
Statistics for Management Science CB328 Module
Strategic and Sustainable Procurement BUSN9107 Module
Strategic Consultancy 1 PRSN6113 Module
Strategic Consultancy 2 PRSN7111 Module
Strategic Digital Business Model Building and Transformation PRSN6124 Module
Strategic Financial Management PRSN7107 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management BUSN6840 Module
Strategic Information Systems BUSN8032 Module
Strategic Innovation Management PRSN6114 Module
Strategic Leadership PRSN7108 Module
Strategic management BUSN7590 Module
Strategic Management BUSN5470 Module
Strategic Management PRSN6115 Module
Strategic Management Practice-DW(MK) CB579 Module
Strategic Marketing PRSN5124 Module
Strategic Marketing and Communication BUSN9440 Module
Strategic People Management BUSN9410 Module
Strategic Performance Management PRSN7109 Module
Strategic Sourcing BUSN9056 Module
Strategic Supply Chain Management CB991 Module
Strategic Tax Planning and Advice (UK) PRSN7110 Module
Strategy BUSN9340 Module
Strategy Analysis and Tools BUSN6760 Module
Structure and Organisation of the E-Commerce Enterprise BUSN9140 Module
Studio Project PRSN7033 Module
Studio Project PRSN7038 Module
Studio Project PRSN7023 Module
Studio Project PRSN7016 Module
Study Skills (Top-Up Degree) BUSN3570 Module
Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility BUSN9000 Module
Taxation BUSN5130 Module
Taxation for Professional Accountants PRSN5125 Module
Technical Consultancy Project PRSN6117 Module
Techniques and Methods in Management Science CB586 Module
Technology-Driven Business Innovation BUSN7880 Module
The Environment: Policy, Politics and Law CB687 Module
The Evolution of Global Economies PRSN5126 Module
The Fundamentals of Corporate Finance & Investment BUSN9640 Module
The Management Context CB998 Module
The OR Specialist in a Modern Organisational Context BUSN9003 Module
The Psychology of Selection and Assessment BUSN8029 Module
The Psychology of the Work Place BUSN6100 Module
The Rise of the Modern Corporation EH510 Module
Tourism CB304 Module
Tourism Development in Asia Pacific BUSN9950 Module
Tourism Planning and Developoment CB550 Module
Transnational Economics and International Financial Markets PRSN6100 Module
Value Chain Analysis BUSN9026 Module
Value Chain Management BUSN9025 Module
Value Proposition Design PRSN5131 Module
Video Game Art Advanced PRSN5006 Module
Video Game Art Pro PRSN5007 Module
Video Game Art-Core PRSN4005 Module
Visual Effects PRSN7017 Module
Warehousing and Transport Management BUSN9058 Module
Wills and Administration of Estates PRSN6202 Module
Year Abroad Mark One BUSN6150 Module
Year Abroad Mark Two BUSN6160 Module

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