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Real-world business systems are often very complex and characterised by considerable uncertainty, making them very difficult to analyse using precise mathematical and analytical techniques. Consequently, OR practitioners must frequently rely upon th... more. Canterbury, week 13-25

Lists linked to Simulation Modelling

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BUSN966 Simulation Modelling 2022-2023 17/05/2022 13:32:47
BUSN966 Simulation Modelling 2021-2022 Ended 31/08/2022 11/01/2022 14:30:42
Simulation Modelling 2014-2015 Ended 31/08/2015 08/08/2014 14:36:32
Simulation Modelling 2011-2012 Ended 31/08/2012 14/09/2011 19:12:33