The objective of this module is to gain a greater understanding of the concepts and principles which underlie investment, financing and dividend decisions, in both a theoretical and practical context. The module begins by looking at the financial sys... more. Canterbury, week 1-25

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AC502 Business Finance (Autumn/Spring) 2020-2021 Ended 31/08/2021 12/08/2020 14:58:14
AC502 Business Finance (Autumn/Spring) 2021-2022 Ended 31/08/2022 14/10/2021 10:31:04
ACCT5020 Business Finance (Autumn/Spring) 2022-2023 Ended 31/08/2023 13/12/2022 12:15:56
ACCT5020 Corporate Finance and Investments for Decision-making (Autumn/Spring) 2023-2024 25/09/2023 11:54:25