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A History of Anthropological Theory:1890-1980 KE066 Module
Academic and Research Skills SACO3080 Module
Advanced Social Anthropology 1 ANTS6180 Module
Advanced Social Anthropology I ANTS5880 Module
Advanced Social Anthropology II ANTS5890 Module
Advanced Topics in Conservation Ecology and Management DICE8810 Module
Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Anthropology SACO8560 Module
Advanced Topics in Human Behaviour SACO8580 Module
Advanced Topics in Human Behaviour SACO9940 Module
Advanced Topics in Medicinal Plants SACO8630 Module
Advanced Topics in Primate Behaviour SACO8570 Module
Advanced Visual Anthropology SACO8420 Module
Afterlives of Socialism in Eastern Europe and Central Asia SE614 Module
Animals, People and Plants: An introduction to Ethnobiology HECO3060 Module
Anthropological Approaches to Business SACO8680 Module
Anthropology and Development ANTS5940 Module
Anthropology and Language ANTS5510 Module
Anthropology of Creative Expression SACO8090 Module
Anthropology of Creativity DI536 Module
Anthropology of Creativity ANTS7520 Module
Anthropology of Eating ANTS5850 Module
Anthropology of Europe SACO8080 Module
Anthropology of the Southern Mediterranean ANTS5910 Module
Anthropology Year Abroad Mark One ANTS5710 Module
Anthropology Year Abroad Mark Two ANTS5720 Module
Applied Ecology and Conservation WCON5390 Module
Biodiversity Dissertation DI511 Module
Biodiversity I WCON3050 Module
Biodiversity Preservation in International Law and Policy DICE8860 Module
Biological Anthropology: The Human Animal ANTB5810 Module
Biology and Ecology of Small Populations DICE8960 Module
Biology and Ecology of Small Populations SE873 Module
Biology and Human Identity (Spring) ANTB5610 Module
Business principles of Biodiversity Conservation DICE8930 Module
Cities and the Climate Emergency GEOG5005 Module
Climate Change and Conservation WCON5010 Module
Comparative Perspectives in Primate Biology ANTB5820 Module
Connections LART6060 Module
Conservation and Communities WCON5460 Module
Conservation and Communities HECO5200 Module
Conservation and Community Development DICE8800 Module
Conservation Education and Stakeholder Management DICE8970 Module
Conservation Education and Stakeholder Management SE874 Module
Conservation Social Science: Methods and Research Design HECO5270 Module
Conservation Social Science: Methods and Research Design HECO5280 Module
Contemporary Conservation Science WCON5180 Module
Contemporary Ethnography in Environmental Anthropology SACO8070 Module
Contemporary Ethnography in Environmental Anthropology SACO8930 Module
Contemporary Issues in Ethnobotany and Environmental Anthropology SACO8400 Module
Contested Environments GEOG3001 Module
Creative Conservation HECO5320 Module
Creative Conservation SE603 Module
Critical Perspectives on Global Conservation DI534 Module
Cultural Dimensions in the Study of Drugs andAddictions SE846 Module
Culture and Cognition ANTS5520 Module
Current Issues in Evolutionary Anthropology ANTB5700 Module
Current Issues in Primate Conservation DICE8920 Module
Design and Management of Protected Areas DI504 Module
Dialogues between Law and Anthropology SACO8670 Module
Dissertation - Conservation DICE9980 Module
Dissertation: Anthropology SACO9980 Module
Dissertation: Anthropology and Conservation SACO8990 Module
Dissertation: Environmental Anthropology SACO8380 Module
Dissertation: Ethnobotany SACO8390 Module
Ecology and Evolution of Human Health and Sickness SE849 Module
Economic and Environmental Systems HECO3040 Module
Economics of Biodiversity Conservation DICE8880 Module
Ecotourism and Rural Development Field Course DICE8850 Module
Embodied Concepts: The Anthropology of Experience SE600 Module
Endangered Species Recovery Techniques SE872 Module
Endangered Species Recovery Techniques DICE8950 Module
Environmental Anthropology SACO8310 Module
Environmental Geography GEOG5003 Module
Environmental Sustainability GEOG3004 Module
Ethnicity and Nationalism ANTS5730 Module
Ethnicity Nationalism & Identity I SACO8030 Module
Ethnobiological Knowledge Systems SACO8320 Module
Ethnographic Methods and Visual Anthropology ANTS6270 Module
Ethnographies 1 ANTS6170 Module
Ethnographies 2 ANTS5870 Module
Ethnographies I SACO8940 Module
Ethnographies II ANTS6200 Module
Ethnography of the Pacific SACO8650 Module
European Societies ANTS6010 Module
Evolution of Human Diversity ANTB5930 Module
Evolutionary Genetics and Conservation WCON5030 Module
Facilitation Skills for Conservation Managers DI887 Module
Field Class: Sustainable Land Use Systems SE315 Module
Field Excavation and Recovery Methods SACO8180 Module
Foundations of Human Culture ANTB3020 Module
Foundations of Natural Science for Conservation DI879 Module
Gender and Interdisciplinarity in Anthropology SACO8510 Module
GEOG6001 Critical Geopolitics GEOG6001 Module
Geographic Information Systems SACO8015 Module
Geographical Patterns and Processes GEOG3003 Module
Geographies of Development and the Global South GEOG5007 Module
Geographies of Tourism and Development GEOG6002 Module
Geography Research Project GEOG6004 Module
Global Biodiversity WCON5100 Module
Growth and Disease of the Human Skeleton SACO8170 Module
History and Philosophy of Geography GEOG5002 Module
Holism, Health and Healing SACO8800 Module
Homo sapiens: Biology, Culture and Identity ANTB6250 Module
Hormones and Behaviour ANTB6050 Module
How Humans Evolved ANTB3160 Module
Human Behavioural Ecology ANTB6040 Module
Human Ecology HECO5420 Module
Human Osteology ANTB5660 Module
Human Skeletal Biology ANTB6280 Module
Human-Wildlife Conflict and Resource Competition WCON5310 Module
Integrated Species Conservation and Management DICE8360 Module
Interdisciplinary Foundations for Conservation DICE1001 Module
International Wildlife Trade - Achieving Sustainability DICE8710 Module
Introduction to Botanical Ethnobotany SACO8360 Module
Islam and Muslim Lives in the Contemporary World ANTS6070 Module
IT Skills for Anthropologists SACO8440 Module
Leadership Skills for Conservation Managers DICE8890 Module
Leading Conservation Projects SE871 Module
Leading Conservation Projects DICE8940 Module
Life's Systems and Processes DI308 Module
Lowland South American Anthropology SACO8540 Module
Managing Protected Areas DICE8410 Module
Medical Anthropology SACO8640 Module
Medical Anthropology: Cause and consequences of Illness ANTS5490 Module
Medicinal Plants: Home Remedy, Pharmaceutical, Illicit Drug ANTB5750 Module
Methodology in Anthropological Science ANTB5670 Module
Methods and Field Work in Social Science GEOG5001 Module
Modes of Reasoning LART3100 Module
Pacific Societies ANTS5830 Module
Palaeopathology ANTB5690 Module
People and Place GEOG3002 Module
Pilot Project in Endangered Species Recovery DICE8980 Module
Plant Resources and their Conservation SACO8370 Module
Population and Evolutionary Biology DICE8770 Module
Power and Money: Political and Economic Challenges of our Contemporary Societies ANTS6310 Module
Practical Introduction to Biological Anthropolog SE305 Module
Practical Methods in Conservation Social Science SACO8450 Module
Practical Research Project DI512 Module
Practical Research Project:Wildlife Conservation Biodiversity Dissertation WCON5220 Module
Primate Behaviour and Ecology ANTB5800 Module
Primate Communication ANTB5570 Module
Principles and Practice of Ecotourism DICE8750 Module
Principles of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing DICE8490 Module
Principles of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing SE877 Module
Professional Placements WCON5321 Module
Project in Anthropological Science ANTB5330 Module
Project in Visual Anthropology ANTS5550 Module
Relations: Global Perspectives on Family, Friendship and Care ANTS3130 Module
Research Design and Advanced Analytical Methods SACO8120 Module
Research Methods for Natural Sciences DICE8840 Module
Research Methods for Social Science DICE8760 Module
Research Methods in Social Anthropology SACO8020 Module
Research Methods in Social Anthropology II SACO8060 Module
Research Project (Evolution & Human Behaviour) SACO8550 Module
Roots of Transformation LART3120 Module
SAC Employability Events and Careers resources DP5775 Module
SAC Postgraduate Resources DP3625 Module
SE314 Contested Environments: People and Nature in the 21st Century (Autumn) SE314 Module
SE611 Violence and conflict in the contemporary world SE611 Module
SE815 Forensic Taphonomy SE815 Module
Sex Evolution and Human Nature ANTB5650 Module
Skills for Anthropology and Conservation SE308 Module
Skills for Conservation Biologists (Field trip) Biodiversity Dissertation Practical Research Project Practical Research Project:Wildlife Conservation Project in Anthropological Science Special Project in Social Anthropology Methodology in.. WCON5080 Module
Skills for Wildlife Conservation and Management WCON3101 Module
Skills for Wildlife Conservation and Management DI310 Module
Social Anthropology ANTS3010 Module
Social Computing ANTS5950 Module
Social Computing Research SACO8660 Module
Social Science Perspectives on Conservation DI878 Module
Social Sciences in the Classroom ANTB5560 Module
South-East Asian Societies SACO8760 Module
Southeast Asian Societies ANTS5470 Module
Southern Mediterranean Societies (Mashriq andMaghreb) SE860 Module
Spatial Analysis: Principles and Methods HECO5300 Module
Spatial Analysis: Principles and Methods GEOG5004 Module
Special Project in Social Anthropology ANTS5340 Module
Special Topics in Conservation DICE8830 Module
Species Conservation WCON5210 Module
Survey and Monitoring for Biodiversity HECO3030 Module
The Anthropology of Amazonia ANTS5790 Module
The Anthropology of Business ANTS5840 Module
The Anthropology of China ANTS6160 Module
The Anthropology of Eating SACO8620 Module
The Anthropology of Gender ANTS5500 Module
The Anthropology of Law ANTS5900 Module
The Biology of Mammals: comparative and evolutionary perspectives SACO5820 Module
The Ecology of Plant Conservation DICE8910 Module
The Ethnography of Central Asian Societies ANTS5920 Module
The Ethnography of Central Asian Societies SACO8610 Module
The Evolution of Hominin Behaviour ANTB5410 Module
The Green Planet DI529 Module
The Green Planet WCON3111 Module
The Politics of Global Conservation DICE1000 Module
The Shaping of International Biodiversity Regulation WCON5190 Module
Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology Theory and Ethnography in Social AnthropologyI ANTS5960 Module
Theoretical Topics in Social Anthropology Theory and Ethnography in Social Anthropology II ANTS5970 Module
Theory and Ethnography in Social Anthropology 2 SACO8830 Module
Theory and Ethnography in Social AnthropologyI (Canterbury, week 1-25) SACO8010 Module
Theory And Practice In Development Anthropology SE853 Module
Thinkers and Theories: An Introduction to theHistory and Development of ANTS3070 Module
Topics in Conservation Biology WCON5050 Module
Tourism and Conservation GEOG5006 Module
Tourism and Conservation WCON5060 Module
Trade, Economics, Regulation and the Environment DI882 Module
Tropical Ecology and Conservation WCON5350 Module
Understanding the Contemporary LART3110 Module
Violence and Conflict in the Contemporary World ANTS3090 Module
Visual Anthropology Theory ANTS5540 Module
Visual Anthropology Theory SACO8590 Module
Visual Anthropology Today SACO9950 Module
Visual Anthropology Video Project SACO8690 Module
Wildlife Management and Sustainable Use DI507 Module

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