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Name Code Type
'Reading' Murder Cases, 1860 - 1960 LW915 Module
A Critical Introduction to Law LW323 Module
A Critical Introduction to Law Introduction to Obligations Foundations of Property Business Law Criminal Law Droit Administratif Public Law 1 LW313 Module
Access to Land LW595 Module
Advanced Level Criminal Law LW601 Module
Advanced Topics in Equity and Trusts LW627 Module
Advanced Topics in Property Law: the politicsof ownership LW609 Module
Advanced Topics in Tort Law LW652 Module
Applications and Interviews - Law WSHOP077 Module
Appropriate Dispute Resolution LW626 Module
Art Law LW583 Module
Asylum and Refugee Law LW647 Module
Banking Law LW555 Module
Banking Law LW582 Module
Banking Law LW930 Module
Banking Law I LW827 Module
Banking Law II LW828 Module
Business Law LW502 Module
CECIL law library skills workshop WSHOP003 Module
CeCIL Lectures DO1075 Module
Client Interviewing Skills LW625 Module
Climate Change and Renewable Energy Law LW888 Module
Clinical Option: The Criminal Justice System LW633 Module
Clinical Option:Legal Process and Public Legal Services LW543 Module
Commercial Credit LW907 Module
Company Law and Capitalism LW520 Module
Comparative Law LW522 Module
Comparative Law of Obligations LW821 Module
Consent to Treatment LW863 Module
Conservation and Natural Resources Law LW837 Module
Constitutional and Administrative Law LW503 Module
Consumer Law LW580 Module
Contemporary Topics in Intellectual Property Law LW813 Module
Corporate Governance LW899 Module
Credit Consumer Law LW631 Module
Crime and Law Enforcement 1918-1965 LW607 Module
Criminal Law LW508 Module
Criminal Law (Certificate Programme) (2012/2013) LW613 Module
Criminal Law and Society, 1860-1914 LW606 Module
Criminal Law for Forensic Scientists LW562 Module
Critical International Economic Law LW632 Module
Critical Law and Practice of International Business Transactions LW629 Module
Critical Legal Reasoning LW640 Module
Critical Legal Theory LW507 Module
Cultural Heritage Law LW925 Module
Death and Dying LW862 Module
Dissertation (International Law) LW992 Module
Dissertation - Criminal Justice LW993 Module
Dissertation in Law LW988 Module
Dissertation in Law LW8000 Module
Dissertation in Law LW985 Module
Dissertation: Environmental Law and Policy LW995 Module
Dissertation: Medical Law LW994 Module
Dissertation:European Law LW997 Module
Dissertation:International Commercial Law LW998 Module
Droit Administratif LW567 Module
Droit Civil LW539 Module
Economic Sociology of Law LW923 Module
Environmental Law I LW585 Module
Environmental Law II LW586 Module
Environmental Quality Law LW839 Module
Equity and Trusts LW598 Module
Equity and Trusts LW513 Module
EU Citizenship and Residence Rights-Clinical Option LW932 Module
EU Constitutional and Institutional Law LW815 Module
EU Criminal Law and Procedure LW924 Module
European and International Competition Law: Legal Foundations LW826 Module
European Comparative Law LW807 Module
European Contract Law LW836 Module
European Environmental Law and Policy LW852 Module
European Human Rights Law LW880 Module
European Legal Systems LW552 Module
European Union International Relations Law LW916 Module
European Union Law LW593 Module
European Union Migration Law LW832 Module
Family Law LW591 Module
Forensic Evidence - An International Perspective LW887 Module
Forensic Science in Criminal Trials LW584 Module
Foundations of European Common Market and Economic Law LW858 Module
Foundations of Property LW316 Module
Foundations of Property (Certificate Programme) LW324 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Law LW596 Module
Global Security Law LW935 Module
Homelessness Law and Policy (Spring) LW646 Module
Human Rights and English Law LW509 Module
Immigration Asylum & Nationality Law LW572 Module
Immigration Law LW648 Module
Independent Comparative Research Paper LW911 Module
Information Technology Law LW816 Module
Intellectual Property LW801 Module
Intellectual Property 2: Patents and Trade Marks LW934 Module
Intellectual Property and Industrial Practices LW933 Module
Intellectual Property Law LW556 Module
Intellectual Property Law LW569 Module
International and Comparative Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law & Policy LW918 Module
International and Comparative Consumer Law and Policy LW908 Module
International Business Transactions LW517 Module
International Business Transactions LW802 Module
International Business Transactions II LW824 Module
International Commercial Arbitration LW811 Module
International Criminal Law LW846 Module
International Diplomatic Law LW901 Module
International Economic Law LW898 Module
International Economic Regulation LW859 Module
International Enviromental Law - Legal Foundations LW906 Module
International Environmental Law - SubstantiveLegal Aspects LW884 Module
International Environmental Law Dissertation LW910 Module
International Financial Services Regulation LW905 Module
International Human Rights Law LW843 Module
International Human Rights Law in Context LW644 Module
International Law LW506 Module
International Law and Global Problems LW645 Module
International Law and the Use of Force LW643 Module
International Law of the Sea LW883 Module
International Law on Foreign Investment LW810 Module
International Law: Principles and Sources LW642 Module
International Migration Law LW900 Module
International Trade Law and the Environment LW841 Module
Introduction to German Civil Law LW329 Module
Introduction to German Civil Law LW317 Module
Introduction to German Constitutional Law LW330 Module
Introduction to German Constitutional Law LW318 Module
Introduction to Italian Civil Law LW319 Module
Introduction to Italian Civil Law LW331 Module
Introduction to Italian Constitutional Law LW320 Module
Introduction to Italian Constitutional Law LW332 Module
Introduction to Obligations LW315 Module
Introduction to Obligations (Certificate Programme) LW325 Module
Introduction to Spanish Civil Law LW333 Module
Introduction to Spanish Civil Law LW321 Module
Introduction to Spanish Constitutional Law LW334 Module
Introduction to Spanish Constitutional Law LW322 Module
Introduction to the Criminal Justice System LW870 Module
Issues in Criminal Justice LW876 Module
Issues in European and Comparative Law LW829 Module
Issues in Medical Law LW865 Module
Issues on Corporation Tax LW805 Module
Labour Law LW514 Module
Labour Law LW624 Module
Labour Rights in a Global Economy LW922 Module
Land Development and Conservation Law LW931 Module
Land Development Law LW838 Module
Land Law LW599 Module
Law - Dissertation LW563 Module
Law and Development LW885 Module
Law and International Development LW616 Module
Law and Literature LW581 Module
Law and Literature LW551 Module
Law and Medical Ethics LW519 Module
Law and Medical Ethics LW602 Module
Law and Political Theory LW578 Module
Law and Social Change LW570 Module
Law and Society LW913 Module
Law and Society: Regulating Communities LW571 Module
Law and the Humanities 1: Ethos and Scholarship LW927 Module
Law and the Humanities 2: Current Issues LW928 Module
Law Dissertation (1 unit option) LW566 Module
Law Dissertation Autumn Option LW611 Module
Law in Action LW608 Module
Law of Armed Conflict LW861 Module
Law of Evidence for Forensic Scientists LW573 Module
Law of the Workplace LW561 Module
Law Year Abroad Mark One LW574 Module
Law Year Abroad Mark Two LW575 Module
Law, Science and Society LW914 Module
Law, Science and Technology LW600 Module
Law, Space and Power LW635 Module
Laws of the Maritime, Air and Outer Spaces II LW904 Module
Legal Aspects of Contemporary International Problems LW844 Module
Legal Ethics: Exploring the Ethics of Lawyersand Lawyering LW617 Module
Legal History LW541 Module
Legal Process LW308 Module
Legal Process for Criminal Justice LW312 Module
Legal Research and Writing Skills LW920 Module
Legal Research and Writing Skills Training Module LW919 Module
Lexis - Refresher WSHOP060 Module
Lexis Stage 1 WSHOP001 Module
LW655 Sports Law LW655 Module
Making choices - options for law graduates WSHOP075 Module
Mediation LW622 Module
Medical Practice and Malpractice LW866 Module
Mental Health Law LW523 Module
Mental Health Law LW636 Module
Military Justice LW860 Module
Mock Trial Advocacy LW657 Module
Mooting LW612 Module
Morality and Law LW604 Module
Multinational Enterprises and the Law II LW850 Module
Negotiation LW637 Module
Negotiation LW610 Module
Neuroscience in Law: Forensic, Medical and Ethical Aspects LW615 Module
Obligations II LW512 Module
Penology I LW873 Module
Performing Effectively In Law LW335 Module
Policing LW542 Module
Policing LW871 Module
Principles of Corporation Tax LW804 Module
Privacy and Data Protection Law LW921 Module
Property Law LW501 Module
Public International Law LW814 Module
Public International Law (Intensive - Canterbury) LW8001 Module
Public International Law Dissertation LW989 Module
Public Law 1 LW588 Module
Public Law 1 (Certificate Programme) LW614 Module
Public Law 2 LW592 Module
Punishment and the Penal System LW544 Module
Race, Religion and Law LW603 Module
Race, Religion and Law LW623 Module
Race, Sexuality and Gender Justice LW654 Module
Reading Law LW314 Module
Reproduction and the Beginnings of Life LW867 Module
Research and writing skills for law LW619 Module
Research Methods in Law LW929 Module
Research Methods in Law Module I LW834 Module
Research Methods in Law Module II LW835 Module
Researching Concepts: Theory, Knowledge and Fieldwork LW605 Module
SPR: Equity, Trusts and Modern Society LW926 Module
Statutory Interpretation LW594 Module
The English Legal System and Skills LW327 Module
The Family and the Law LW505 Module
The Foundations of the English Legal System LW864 Module
The Law & the Media: Freedom of Expression as it relates to the Media LW579 Module
The Law of Contract LW650 Module
The Law of Evidence LW518 Module
The Law of International Organisations LW902 Module
The Law of Obligations LW597 Module
The Law of Tort LW651 Module
The Legal Foundations of Environmental Decision Making LW889 Module
The Philosophy of Law LW540 Module
The Skills of Argument - How to Argue and Win LW589 Module
Thesis:Law LW999 Module
Transitional Justice and Rule of Law Programming LW912 Module
Transnational Criminal Law LW886 Module
Vacation Work - Law WSHOP076 Module
Westlaw - Refresher WSHOP057 Module
World Trade Organisation (WTO) Law and Practice I LW847 Module
World Trade Organisation (WTO) Law and Practice II LW848 Module

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