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This module sets out to provide a general introduction to the basic principles and institutions of the English legal system. In addition, instruction is provided over essential research and writing skills as these relate to the requirements of po... more. Canterbury, week 1-13

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The English Legal System 2020-2021 Ended 31/08/2021 26/05/2020 19:12:37
The English Legal System 2021-2022 25/05/2021 16:17:19
The English Legal System 2019-2020 Ended 31/08/2020 13/05/2019 13:09:26
The English Legal System 2018-2019 Ended 31/08/2019 14/05/2018 11:51:36
The English Legal System 2017-2018 Ended 31/08/2018 22/11/2017 11:50:10
The Foundations of the English Legal System 2015-2016 Ended 31/08/2016 11/10/2015 19:16:04