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3D Computer Animation Pipeline DIGM6380 Module
Acting in Animation EL836 Module
Acting in Animation DIGM8660 Module
Action in Animation DIGM8650 Module
Advanced 3D Modelling DIGM8630 Module
Advanced Control Systems EENG8760 Module
Advanced Instrumentation Systems EENG8750 Module
Advanced Pattern Recognition EENG8580 Module
Analogue Integrated Circuit Design EL897 Module
Android Application Design EENG8810 Module
Animation Principles DIGM8320 Module
ASIC ELM315 Module
Audio & Video Technology EL531 Module
Biomaterials EENG6141 Module
Biomechanics EENG6140 Module
Biometric Technologies EENG8570 Module
Broadband Networks EENG8730 Module
Calculus EENG0021 Module
Communication Electronics EENG5660 Module
Communication Networks EENG8220 Module
Communication Systems EENG8250 Module
Communication Systems EENG6650 Module
Communications Principles EENG5700 Module
Computer & Reconfigurable Architectures EENG8740 Module
Computer and Microcontroller Architectures EENG8960 Module
Computer Animation Project DIGM8300 Module
Computer Interfacing EENG5620 Module
Creativity in Interactive and Tangible Media DIGM5420 Module
Design and Manufacturing Technology EENG5220 Module
Design for Print EL540 Module
Design Thinking DIGM3160 Module
Designing Media Environments DIGM5740 Module
Digital Communication Systems EENG6770 Module
Digital Communications EENG6550 Module
Digital Content Creation DIGM3250 Module
Digital Control & Robotics EENG6760 Module
Digital Effects DIGM3400 Module
Digital Film-Making DIGM5330 Module
Digital Filmmaking DIGM5430 Module
Digital Futures DIGM6430 Module
Digital Implementation EENG5680 Module
Digital Integrated Circuit Design EL894 Module
Digital Photography DIGM5360 Module
Digital Photography DIGM3390 Module
Digital Photography & Image Editing DIGM5410 Module
Digital Portfolio DIGM5370 Module
Digital Signal Processing EENG5690 Module
Digital Systems Design EENG6730 Module
Digital Technologies EENG3150 Module
Digital Visual Art set-up DIGM8310 Module
Digital Visual Effects and Post Production DIGM6410 Module
Digital Visual Narrative DIGM3370 Module
Drama and Multimedia Final Year Project EL630 Module
DSP and Digital TV EENG8710 Module
Dynamics of Machines EENG5180 Module
E-Commerce Technology EL631 Module
Effects Animation DIGM8390 Module
Electromagnetics for Engineers EENG0024 Module
Electronic Circuit Design EENG5670 Module
Electronic Circuits EENG3030 Module
Electronic Design Automation for IC Design EL898 Module
Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Systems EENG5650 Module
Embedded Computer Systems EENG6670 Module
Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems EENG8290 Module
Engineering Analysis EENG3190 Module
Engineering Mathematics EENG3180 Module
Engineering Mathematics EL308 Module
Engineering Principles-1 EENG0025 Module
Engineering Principles-2 EENG0026 Module
Engineering Principles-3 EENG0027 Module
Entrepreneurship and Professional Development EENG5770 Module
Failure of Materials and Structures EENG5200 Module
Film and Video Production DIGM8690 Module
Financial Engineering EENG8590 Module
Finite Element Analysis EENG6470 Module
Fundamentals of Image Analysis DIGM8440 Module
Fundamentals of Image Analysis and Biometrics EL843 Module
Graphics Design DIGM3410 Module
HCI for Mobiles EENG8800 Module
High Definition Compositing EL862 Module
High Definition Compositing DIGM8680 Module
High Definition Video DIGM8380 Module
Image Analysis & Applications EENG5610 Module
Industrial Context of Biometrics EENG8460 Module
Integrated Masters Project EENG7600 Module
Interaction Design DIGM5380 Module
Interaction Design EL336 Module
Interactive Environments DIGM5110 Module
Internet Programming with Java EENG3340 Module
Introduction to Electronics EENG3050 Module
Introduction to Fluid Dynamics EENG5190 Module
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering and Design EENG3230 Module
Introduction to Programming EENG3130 Module
Introduction to programming using MATLAB EENG0033 Module
Introduction to Virtual Reality EL681 Module
iPhone Application Design EENG8820 Module
Manufacturing Design ELM505 Module
Mathematics for Engineering Masters Conversion Programmes EL895 Module
Mechanical Principles EENG5060 Module
Mechanics of Materials EENG3240 Module
Mechatronics EENG5170 Module
Microcomputer Engineering EENG5600 Module
Mobile Application Design DIGM6400 Module
Mobile Application Design Project EENG8840 Module
Mobile Application Development EL575 Module
Mobile Web Development EENG8830 Module
Moving Image DIGM3420 Module
MSc Project EENG8900 Module
Multimedia Communications EL634 Module
Multimedia Final Year Project DIGM6360 Module
Online Design DIGM5100 Module
Physiological Measurement EENG5150 Module
Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models for Engineers EENG8790 Module
Pre-Visualisation EL834 Module
Pre-Visualisation DIGM8640 Module
Product Development EENG6710 Module
Professional 3D and Compositing DIGM5320 Module
Professional Practice DIGM5390 Module
Project EENG6000 Module
Project Design DIGM6420 Module
Project Design EENG8780 Module
Quality Assurance and Management EENG5080 Module
Reconfigurable Architectures EL893 Module
Research Methods & Project Design EENG8490 Module
Research Methods and Project Design for Mobile Apps EENG8850 Module
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence EENG6460 Module
Satellite and Optical Communication Systems EENG8920 Module
Signal & Communication Theory II EENG8270 Module
Software Development DIGM5350 Module
Strategic Analysis of Financial System EENG8770 Module
System and Circuit Design EENG8910 Module
Systems Project Group EENG7500 Module
Technical Direction DIGM8670 Module
Technical Rigging DIGM3170 Module
The Robotics Project EENG3110 Module
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer EENG6480 Module
Utilisation of Electrical Energy EENG5100 Module
Video Games Design DIGM6390 Module
Videogames Culture EL637 Module
Virtual Environment Design DIGM3260 Module
Virtual Reality DIGM5090 Module
Visual Culture DIGM3380 Module
Visual Effects and Compositing DIGM6350 Module
Visual Effects Project EENG8700 Module
Visual Training DIGM8330 Module
Website Design DIGM3310 Module
Wireless Mobile Communications EENG8720 Module
Working with Plates DIGM8370 Module
Year In Industry EENG7900 Module

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