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In this module you will learn about the phonetics and phonology of English and how to transcribe speech sounds using the International Phonetic Alphabet. You will learn how individual sounds are articulated and how these sounds are joined to make wor... more. Canterbury, week 1-13

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LL303 - Sounds of English 2021-2022 25/05/2021 16:12:50
LL303 - Sounds of English 2020-2021 Ended 31/08/2021 26/05/2020 22:13:23
LL303 - Sounds of English 2019-2020 Ended 31/08/2020 13/05/2019 13:34:35
LL303 - Sounds of English 2018-2019 Ended 31/08/2019 15/08/2018 11:08:24