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Name Code Type
Adapt and Extend AR529 Module
Adapt and Extend AR545 Module
Advanced Surveying Procedures UU624 Module
Ancient and Medieval Architecture AR324 Module
AR849 Digital Architecture Portfolio AR849 Module
AR850 - Planning Policy and Practice AR850 Module
AR851 - Development of planning and resilience AR851 Module
AR852 - Global Resilience Practice AR852 Module
AR853 - Principles and Methods of Bio Digital Design AR853 Module
AR854 - Introduction to Programming for Architecture and Design AR854 Module
AR855 - Discourse and Theory of Bio Digital Architecture AR855 Module
AR856 - Morphogenetic Programming AR856 Module
Architectural Design AR558 Module
Architectural Pedagogy AR600 Module
Architectural Practice AR555 Module
Architecture and Cities 1840s - 1960s AR814 Module
Architecture and Landscape AR321 Module
Architecture and Landscape AR552 Module
Artefact AR601 Module
Building Appraisal Option AR518 Module
Building Construction AR320 Module
Building Design AR319 Module
Building Procurement - AR860 AR860 Module
Caravanserai AR316 Module
Climate AR542 Module
Climate AR515 Module
Collective Dwelling AR541 Module
Communication: Advanced Computer Modelling AR514 Module
Conservation Principles AR844 Module
Consideration and Conjecture AR501 Module
Contemporary Manifestos and Theories AR530 Module
Cultural Context AR538 Module
Cultural Context AR802 Module
Culture 2 AR539 Module
Design 4A AR836 Module
Design 4B AR837 Module
Design 5a AR838 Module
Design 5B AR839 Module
Design Report (Major Design Project) AR806 Module
Development and Detail AR502 Module
Digital Architecture AR823 Module
Dissertation AR597 Module
Dissertation AR602 Module
Dissertation 1 AR598 Module
Dissertation 2 AR599 Module
Dissertation Option AR519 Module
Dissertation: Architecture and the Sustainable Environment AR899 Module
Dissertation: MSc in Architectural Conservation AR898 Module
Dissertation:Urban Design AR999 Module
Employability AR540 Module
Enclose AR314 Module
Enlighten AR311 Module
Event AR507 Module
Evolution AR508 Module
Film and Architecture AR821 Module
Folio AR323 Module
Folio AR317 Module
Form and Structure AR531 Module
Form Finding AR318 Module
Forms and Structure AR549 Module
From the Idea of a City to Philosophies of Urban Design AR813 Module
Habitat 2 AR309 Module
House and Housing AR307 Module
Independent Research Project AR845 Module
Independent Study Project AR820 Module
Interdisciplinary Option AR521 Module
Intervention at Historic Buildings AR843 Module
Landscape 2 AR532 Module
Legal Framework and Processes - AR858 AR858 Module
Light and Structure AR325 Module
Locate AR526 Module
Major Design Project Part 2 AR824 Module
Major Design Project: Design Report AR819 Module
Major Design Project: Part 1 AR816 Module
Major Design Project: Part 2 AR817 Module
Major Design Project: Technology Report AR818 Module
Major Work AR510 Module
Major Work - IA AR537 Module
Major Work - ID AR536 Module
Management Practice and Law AR803 Module
Management, Practice and Law AR517 Module
March Term Abroad AR840 Module
MDP: Design Report AR834 Module
Minor Design Project AR833 Module
Minor Design Project AR812 Module
Modern House AR322 Module
Modernisms AR548 Module
Modernisms 2 AR534 Module
Modular AR550 Module
Modular AR516 Module
Monitoring and Modelling of Environmental Performance AR829 Module
Navigation AR312 Module
Nineteenth-Century Architecture AR551 Module
Oasis AR315 Module
Paradox AR504 Module
Portmanteau 2 AR313 Module
Post-Enlightenment Interior AR506 Module
Practice and Management - AR859 AR859 Module
Principles of Environmental Design AR827 Module
Process and Fragment AR535 Module
Professionalism, Clients, Users and the Delivery of Services - AR857 AR857 Module
Rediscovery - Understanding Historic Buildings and Past Environmental T AR828 Module
Renaissance to Neoclassicism AR544 Module
Research Methods and Analysis AR832 Module
Speculate AR525 Module
Structural Appraisal of Historic Buildings AR841 Module
Sustainable Design Project AR830 Module
Symbiosis AR523 Module
Symphony AR528 Module
Synthesis & Metamorphosis AR524 Module
Technology 4 AR546 Module
Technology 5 AR647 Module
Technology 5 AR547 Module
Technology and Environment AR804 Module
The Legislative Framework AR842 Module
The Suspension of Disbelief AR505 Module
Theory and History of Urban Design AR848 Module
Twentieth Century Architecture AR556 Module
Urban AR554 Module
Urban AR543 Module
Urban 2 AR533 Module
Urban Design Project AR847 Module
Urban Intervention AR557 Module
Urban Landscape AR831 Module
Urban Landscape AR835 Module
Urban Landscape Design Project AR811 Module
Virtual Cities AR822 Module
Western Architecture AR304 Module

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