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Anglo-Saxon Churches: Archaeology, Architecture, History MT871 Module
Chaucer and Gower MT860 Module
Culture and Society MT801 Module
Cultures of Piety: Middle English Religious Literature, 1280-1500 MT876 Module
Early Medieval Archaeology: Europe after Rome AD 410-846 MT843 Module
Encountering the Holy: Devotion and the Medieval Church MT845 Module
Encountering the Holy: Devotion and the Medieval Church MT865 Module
Europe’s lingua franca: applications of Latin for graduate medievalists and early modernists MT887 Module
Gothic Art and Architecture, c. 1100-1350 MT803 Module
Material Culture in the Early Modern World MT882 Module
Medieval & Tudor Studies Dissertation MT999 Module
Medieval and Early Modern Studies Dissertation MT998 Module
MT879 Approaches to Early English Performance: Theory, Practice and Text MT879 Module
MT884 Pre-Modern Paris MT884 Module
MT885 Manuscripts, Libraries and Archives: Further Adventures in Palaeography and Codicology MT885 Module
MT886 The Transformation of Europe, c.870-1100 MT886 Module
MT888 Palaeography and Codicology: an introduction to manuscript studies MT888 Module
MT889 Reading Latins MT889 Module
Palaces, Princes and Portraits MT862 Module
Palaeography and Manuscript MT866 Module
Parents and Children: The Iterations of of King Lear MT877 Module
Parliament, Reprersentation and Political Culture in England c.1399-160 MT870 Module
Reading Evidence MT867 Module
Shakespeare and Material Culture MT863 Module
Shakespeare and Material Culture MT869 Module
The Black Death and Transformation of Europe, 1346-1400 MT875 Module
The First Information Revolution: Manuscript, Print and Rumour, c. 1480 MT881 Module
The Gothic imagination: English Art and Literature in the Later Middle MT861 Module
The Idea of the Renaissance MT868 Module

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