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Advanced Surveying Procedures UU624 Module
Agencies, networks and support UU573 Module
Air Conditioning BENV5670 Module
Analytical Methods (Building) BENV3590 Module
Analytical Methods (Civil Engineering) BENV3570 Module
Analytical Methods (Construction) BENV3580 Module
ASIC ELM315 Module
Building Construction 8 BENV5510 Module
Building Construction A BENV3350 Module
Building Services BENV5390 Module
Building Services ( General) BENV3380 Module
Building Technology BENV6030 Module
Business Strategy X20749P Module
Civil Engineering Construction (A) BENV3290 Module
Civil Engineering Construction (B) UU538 Module
Civil Engineering Construction A UU570 Module
Civil Engineering Management BENV3310 Module
Construction Dissertation BENV6040 Module
Construction Management BENV3340 Module
Contracts and Procurement BENV5400 Module
Design Technology UU553 Module
Digital Electronics EENG5110 Module
Economics & Financial Studies BENV5500 Module
Electrical and Electronic Principles EENG5120 Module
Electrical Applications A BENV5600 Module
Energy & Environment BENV5610 Module
Fluids & Hydraulics UU568 Module
Fluids & Hydraulics BENV3320 Module
Geology & Soil Mechanics BENV5360 Module
Heating BENV5660 Module
Housing Management and Marketing UU572 Module
Industrial Applications 1 UU326 Module
Industrial Applications 2 UU533 Module
Industrial Applications 3 UU535 Module
Introduction to Civil Engineering UU323 Module
Introduction to Construction UU336 Module
Introduction to Construction and Building Services UU337 Module
Introduction to Electronics EENG3160 Module
IT Applications BENV3330 Module
Law & Contract BENV5450 Module
Management Applications BENV6260 Module
Manufacturing Processes X20933V Module
Measurement BENV5460 Module
Micro-Electronics EENG3170 Module
Personal Skills 1 - Communication & Research BENV3280 Module
Personal Skills 2 - Personal Development BENV5340 Module
Planning & Scheduling EENG5070 Module
Process Control EENG5090 Module
Project X21720P Module
Q.S. Practice UU625 Module
Q.S.Practice BENV5470 Module
Refrigeration Technology BENV5630 Module
Refurbishment Maintenance & Adaptation BENV5520 Module
Safety in Construction BENV3270 Module
Science & Materials BENV3240 Module
Services Science UU343 Module
Site Surveying Procedures UU571 Module
Site Surveying Procedures BENV3300 Module
Structural Analysis & Design BENV5370 Module
Tendering & Estimating BENV5440 Module
The Urban Environment BENV5560 Module
Transportation BENV5490 Module
Urban Design & Planning UU557 Module
Urban Development & Sustainability UU555 Module
Utilisation of Electrical Energy EENG5100 Module
VHDL Logic Synthesis for FPGA's VLSI Development Tools for Complex PLDs EENG5130 Module

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