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Advances in Rehabilitation SPOR5840 Module
Anatomy and biomechanics of movement. SPOR3540 Module
Applied Nutrition for Sports Performance SPOR5330 Module
Applied Performance Analysis SPOR6002 Module
Applied Rehabilitation SPOR5820 Module
Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology SPOR5460 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology SPOR5340 Module
Biomechanical Analysis SPOR5770 Module
Clinical Practice SPOR5600 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sport and Exercise Nutrition SPOR5650 Module
Event Management SPOR5780 Module
Exercise for Special Populations SPOR5270 Module
Exercise Prescription, Referral & Rehabilitation SPOR5230 Module
Fitness Training Methods SPOR5700 Module
Functional Anatomy SPOR3260 Module
Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics SPOR3450 Module
Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology SPOR3380 Module
Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Science NATS0006 Module
Human Resources Management in Sport SPOR5740 Module
Individual Research Study SPOR5040 Module
Industry Placement SPOR5790 Module
Injury Prevention and Return to Play SPOR5850 Module
Introduction to Biomechanics SPOR3270 Module
Introduction to Human Physiology SPOR3460 Module
Introduction to Professional Skills SPOR3490 Module
Introduction to Sport & Exercise Nutrition SPOR3130 Module
Introduction to Sport & Exercise Psychology SPOR3440 Module
Introduction to Sports Industries SPOR3500 Module
Mechanisms of Sport Injuries SPOR3510 Module
Performance Analysis in Sport SPOR5003 Module
Peripheral Joint Assessment SPOR3520 Module
Principles of Rehabilitation SPOR5800 Module
Principles of Sports Marketing SPOR5550 Module
Professional Doctorate Research Methods SPOR8100 Module
Psychology for Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation SPOR5830 Module
Research in Sport and Exercise Sciences SPOR3550 Module
Research Methods SPOR5750 Module
Research Methods, Design and Planning SPOR5920 Module
Research Study in Sport Sciences SPOR5660 Module
Research Study Preparation SPOR5730 Module
Soft Tissue Techniques SPOR5580 Module
Specialised Issues in Sport and Exercise SPOR5760 Module
Sport & Exercise Leadership SPOR5300 Module
Sport & Exercise Psychology SPOR5690 Module
Sport and Exercise Promotion SPOR5670 Module
Sport and Remedial Massage SPOR3530 Module
Sports Event Management SPOR5030 Module
Sports Industry Placement SPOR5560 Module
Therapeutic Modalities for Rehabilitators SPOR5810 Module

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