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Advanced Essay Writing WSHOP062 Module
Advanced use of indexing and abstracting services WSHOP037 Module
Advanced use of the web for research WSHOP038 Module
Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education UELT8210 Module
Autobiography - Fact and Fiction TON011 Module
Avoiding Plagiarism WSHOP015 Module
Berlin: A City as Palimpsest (1870-1933) TON007 Module
Contextualising Higher Education Teaching and Learning UELT8310 Module
Coping with the Workload WSHOP052 Module
Critical Perspectives on Academic Practice UELT8200 Module
Developing as a Research Degree Supervisor UELT8130 Module
Developing as a Researcher in Higher Education UELT8120 Module
Discovering Myth Through Classical Art TON002 Module
Dissertation: MA Higher Education (2016/2017) UELT8990 Module
Dissertations WSHOP016 Module
Education Research Methodology UELT8250 Module
Effective Reading WSHOP010 Module
Effective Reading Techniques WSHOP053 Module
Effective Revision WSHOP044 Module
Essay Writing 1 WSHOP011 Module
Essay Writing 1 and 2 WSHOP018 Module
Essay Writing 2 WSHOP013 Module
Essay Writing for Beginners WSHOP061 Module
Essays in Exams WSHOP043 Module
Essays in exams WSHOP320 Module
Exam skills WSHOP321 Module
Fiction Writing at Postgraduate Level: More Than One Way To Tell A Story TON290 Module
Finding Articles in the Humanities WSHOP050 Module
Finding Articles in the Sciences WSHOP051 Module
Finding Articles in the Social Sciences WSHOP049 Module
Finding Online Resources for Humanities WSHOP034 Module
Finding online resources for Social Sciences WSHOP035 Module
Finding online resources for the sciences WSHOP036 Module
General Essay Writing WSHOP074 Module
Getting Started at University WSHOP064 Module
Getting Started for First Year Students WSHOP004 Module
Getting Started for Mature Students WSHOP007 Module
Getting Started for Postgraduate Students WSHOP009 Module
Getting Started International and Mature Students WSHOP005 Module
Getting the Most From Lectures WSHOP008 Module
History and The Influence of Ideas: More Than One Way To Tell A Story TON291 Module
Individual Investigation in Higher Education UELT8220 Module
Individual Writing Tutorials DP232875 Module
Internationalisation and Higher Education UELT8260 Module
Interrogating Higher Education Research UELT8240 Module
Introduction to EndNote WSHOP041 Module
Introduction to Learning, Teaching and The Academic Environment UELT8190 Module
Introduction to RefWorks WSHOP040 Module
Introduction to statistical sources for the health and social sciences WSHOP072 Module
Keeping up-to-date with emerging research WSHOP039 Module
Keeping up-to-date with your Subject Area WSHOP048 Module
Learning and Teaching Innovation (Project Module) UELT8160 Module
Learning from Feedback WSHOP070 Module
Microsoft Word 2007: Creating a CV WSHOP032 Module
Microsoft Word 2007: Preparing Essays WSHOP031 Module
Never Had It So Good:British Art, Literature and Film in the Fifties an TON006 Module
News Sources WSHOP073 Module
Outcasts and Exiles in 20th Century Art and Literature TON010 Module
Paragraph Writing WSHOP086 Module
Personal, Academic & Career Development WSHOP042 Module
PGCHE Teaching Observations UELT8880 Module
Philosophical and Theoretical Issues in Higher Learning UELT8230 Module
Planning a Dissertation (or other extended assignment) WSHOP054 Module
Planning your PhD Thesis WSHOP110 Module
Poetry: The Social Experience TON003 Module
Post-modernism UELT104 Module
Pre-Sessional Course in English for Academic Purposes (12 Weeks) UN100 Module
Preparing dissertations or extended assignments WSHOP033 Module
Presentation Skills WSHOP027 Module
Referencing and Plagiarism WSHOP020 Module
Reflection and Reflexivity in Higher Education UELT8290 Module
Reflective Writing WSHOP071 Module
Revision skills WSHOP319 Module
Robert Adam (1728-92): Architect of Genius TON004 Module
Route for Recognition for Experienced Staff DP9225 Module
Studying at Kent for International Students WSHOP063 Module
Successful Exam Techniques WSHOP045 Module
Summer School UELT3010 Module
Tall, Dark and Fictional: Byron and The Brontes TON292 Module
Teaching Languages for Specific Professional Purposes UN817 Module
Technology in the Academic Environment UELT8150 Module
The Divided Self TON012 Module
The Green Man TON001 Module
The Inclusive Curriculum UELT8140 Module
The Inclusive University UELT8330 Module
The Railway in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature TON005 Module
UN832 Understanding student learning experience UELT8320 Module
Understanding Paintings TON008 Module
Understanding Turnitin WSHOP098 Module
Using Online Journals WSHOP065 Module
Using Past Papers WSHOP328 Module
Value:Study Skills for Mature and Part-Time Students UELT3030 Module
Writing a Literature Review DP22550 Module
Writing an Essay WSHOP025 Module
Writing Well WSHOP047 Module
Writing Well (spring) DP7825 Module
Writing Well - Academic Style WSHOP019 Module
Writing Well - Common Errors WSHOP012 Module
Writing Well - Grammar and Writing Style WSHOP069 Module
Writing Well - Paraphrasing WSHOP017 Module
Writing Well - Sentences WSHOP014 Module
Writing Well - Top Tips for Writing Fluently WSHOP068 Module
Writing Well - Understanding Essay Questions WSHOP066 Module
Writing Well - What Is An Argument? WSHOP067 Module
Your Writing, Your Performance TON009 Module

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