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An Introduction to Italian Literature CM314 Module
Art History: Twenty Great Paintings CM110 Module
Art in the 19th Century CM363 Module
Aspects of Myth and Folktale in Literature CM518 Module
Back to the Schoolyard: An Introduction to the History of Education CM524 Module
Body, Gender and Identity in Art and Literature (1820-1920) CM384 Module
British Cinema in the Noughties OS105 Module
Castles in the Landscape OS138 Module
Cave Painting OS012 Module
Christianity through 2000 years CM516 Module
Continuing Modern Greek I CM453 Module
Continuing Modern Greek II CM454 Module
Creative Writing: Writing Poems and Short Stories OS114 Module
Creative Writing: Writing Poems and Short Stories - Part 1 OS113 Module
Cultures and Medicinal Plants CM522 Module
CW:An Introduction to Writing for Stage & Screen CM273 Module
Der Schönste erste Satz. Literatur OS126 Module
Develop your knowledge of French Culture 1 OS121 Module
Develop your Knowledge of French Culture 2 OS122 Module
Developing your Comedy Writing for TV and Radio OS101 Module
Digital Photography CM512 Module
Disasters CM423 Module
Discover Ariege & Conversation OS137 Module
Discover Calvados & Conversation OS136 Module
Dislocation, Dislocation: Literature OS103 Module
Early Anglo-Saxon England: The Age of Sutton Hoo OS112 Module
Early Women & Design OS142 Module
Education, Education, Education in 19th and 20th Century Literature OS104 Module
Else Lasker-Schüler, Kurzgeschichten, Literatur OS125 Module
Exploring Greek Tradegy in Translation OS057 Module
Feminism in Modern and Contemporary Art CM527 Module
French Higher (Module 1) CM460 Module
French Higher (Module 2) CM461 Module
French Higher (Module 3) CM462 Module
French Intermediate CM392 Module
French Language Through French History 1 OS115 Module
French Language through French History 2 OS116 Module
Great Renaissance Paintings You Ought to Know OS027 Module
Greek and Roman Mythology, with Ovid Metamorphoses OS129 Module
Greek History and Greek Historians OS128 Module
Hispanic Culture across the Ages CM528 Module
History and American Studies AS005 Module
How Painters See OS026 Module
Humanities Study Abroad Module HUMA5030 Module
Introducing British Mammals CM413 Module
Introduction to Developmental Psychology (Children and Adults) CM088 Module
Introduction to Forensic Science CM472 Module
Introduction to HE Spanish 1 CM444 Module
Introduction to HE Spanish 2 CM445 Module
Introduction to Politics & Government CM446 Module
Introduction to Psychology: Criminality, Crime & Deviance CM482 Module
Introduction to Social Behaviour OS082 Module
Introduction to Visitor Guiding CM520 Module
L'Aquitaine et son histoire OS106 Module
La révolution française OS107 Module
Later Women & Design OS143 Module
Let's talk about France 1 OS117 Module
Let's talk about France 2 OS118 Module
Life and Work in England, 1560-1760 CM525 Module
Life in France 1 OS119 Module
Life in France 2 OS120 Module
Literature and Comparative Literature Social Psychology Politics Law Sociology Social Policy History and American Studies AS001 Module
Medieval Art 1100-1400 OS108 Module
Modernism: Novels and Poems of the 1920s CM226 Module
Natural History Study Walks (Autumn Winter) OS037 Module
Natural History Walks (Spring Summer) OS038 Module
Novels of Intrigue OS145 Module
Novels set in Kent OS132 Module
Paris 1900: Painters of modern life OS091 Module
Perspectives on Women's Art: Middle Ages to Modernity CM526 Module
Philosophical Thinking CM285 Module
Political Philosophy: Freedom and Justice OS110 Module
Political Philosophy: Individual and Community OS109 Module
Politics Law AS003 Module
Popular Leisure and Culture in SE England in the 19th & 20th Centuries CM523 Module
Psychology East & West OS083 Module
Psychology: the Biological Approach CM207 Module
Reading Latin Literature - Aspects of the Crisis of the Roman Republic CM352 Module
Reading Roman Mosaics OS102 Module
Rights & Equality in Contemporary Theory CM514 Module
Six Boroughs of London OS100 Module
Social Psychology AS002 Module
Sociology Social Policy AS004 Module
Spanish Intermediate CM529 Module
Sunrise at Stonehenge: A look at prehistoric astronomy OS111 Module
Texts and Contexts: reading the Old Testament CM477 Module
The Age of Stonehenge CM166 Module
The Angry Decades:Exploring Fifties Literature OS141 Module
The Angry Decades:Exploring Forties Literature OS140 Module
The Art & Architecture of the Italian Renaissance CM420 Module
The Development of the Victorian Novel Introduction to Developmental Psychology (Children and Adults) The Age of Stonehenge What Shall I write about? Psychology: the Biological Approach Reading Latin Literature - Aspects of the Crisis of th.. CM062 Module
The Imaginal Cosmos CM531 Module
The Intelligible Cosmos: Divinatory Theory and Practice CM532 Module
The Lost Generation and the American Dream: American Writers of the 19 CM412 Module
The River Thames from Sea to Source: 1750-1950 CM418 Module
The Romans in the South East OS139 Module
The Shock of the Now CM480 Module
The Sonnet OS004 Module
Thriller Novels: from Buchan to le Carre OS133 Module
Total War in the Twentieth Century CM291 Module
Traditional Medicine across Cultures CM521 Module
Twenty Great Buildings: from Ancient Greece to the Present Day CM403 Module
Understanding Economics OS058 Module
Venetian Art 1430 - 1600 CM293 Module
What is Theology? CM476 Module
What makes a Booker Prizewinner? OS134 Module
What Shall I write about? CM188 Module
Writing Comedy for TV and Radio OS055 Module

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