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Name Code Type
A Future for the Welfare State? Social Change, Challenge and Crisis SA503 Module
Academic Development SO328 Module
Addictive Behaviour From a Social & Behavioural Perspective KI109 Module
Adult Services SO585 Module
Advanced Issues in Values, Ethics and Professional Practice TZ878 Module
Advanced Issues in Values, Ethics and Professional Practice TZ904 Module
Advising Donors SO962 Module
Applied Behaviour Analysis & Positive Behaviour Support TZ537 Module
Assessing and Understanding Challenging Behaviour TZ520 Module
Autism Case Study 1 TZ317 Module
Autism Case Study Assessment TZ530 Module
Autism Culture TZ600 Module
Autism Extended Essay TZ531 Module
Autism Part 1 TZ316 Module
Behaviour Analysis and Intervention Behaviour Analysis and Intervention by Distance Learning TZ862 Module
Behavioural Assessment TZ903 Module
Behavioural Interventions in Autism and Intellectual/Developmental Disability TZ881 Module
Biostatistics for Health Research SO888 Module
British Social Policy: Historical Perspectives SA554 Module
Caring for Vulnerable Adults: Understanding Social Care SO678 Module
Case Study and Intervention Project (DistanceLearning) TZ867 Module
Challenging Behaviour TZ323 Module
Challenging Behaviour and Positive Behaviour Support TZ880 Module
Challenging Behaviour and Positive Behaviour Support (Distance Learning) TZ879 Module
Changing Cities and Neighbourhoods SO932 Module
Childhood, Society and Children's Rights SO538 Module
Comparative Social Policy SO872 Module
Complex needs:An integrated approach to dual diagnosis KI523 Module
Concepts and Principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis TZ905 Module
Concepts and Theories in Sociology SO500 Module
Concepts of Applied Behaviour Analysis TZ521 Module
Concepts, Principles & Underpinning Philosophy of Applied Behaviour Analysis TZ900 Module
Contemporary Britain: Political, Economic andSocial History from 1900 SA326 Module
Contemporary Child Protection Practice and Policies SO928 Module
Contemporary Culture SO335 Module
Contemporary Social Theory SO883 Module
Contemporary Sociological Theory SO727 Module
Counselling skills for problem substance users KI108 Module
Crime , Media and Culture SO605 Module
Crime, Culture and Control SO333 Module
Crime, Disorder and Public Safety SO895 Module
Crime, Society and Documentary Filmmaking SO743 Module
Criminal Justice in Modern Britain:Development, Issues and Politics SO536 Module
Critical Criminology SO868 Module
Critical Perspectives on Global Conservation SE602 Module
Critical Perspectives on Global Conservation SA555 Module
Critical Thinking in Everyday Life SO341 Module
Cultural Criminology SO881 Module
Cultural Studies Research Dissertation SO683 Module
Culture and Identity SO557 Module
Culture, Health and Social Care SO879 Module
Cultures of Embodiment SO676 Module
Cultures of Secrecy SO701 Module
Current Problems in Sociology SO860 Module
Definitions, Prevalence, Causes and Consequences of Child Protection SO927 Module
Design of Social research SO833 Module
Designing Behaviour Support Plans TZ519 Module
Developing and Implementing Interventions TZ902 Module
Developing and Implementing Interventions TZ524 Module
Developing Practice Competence SO593 Module
Development Module for SO929 DO1175 Module
Development, Disability and Disadvantage TZ888 Module
Digital Culture SO657 Module
Dissertation SO998 Module
Dissertation Child Protection SO995 Module
Dissertation in Migration Studies SO917 Module
Documentary Film Making and the Social Sciences SO956 Module
Doing Social Research with Numbers SO410 Module
Drugs and Culture KI525 Module
Drugs and the Criminal Justice System KI531 Module
Drugs and the Criminal Justice System: An Introduction KI124 Module
Drugs, Culture and Control SO689 Module
Drugs, Culture and Control SO875 Module
Education,Training and Social Policy SA525 Module
Effective Interventions for Substance Misusers KI501 Module
Effective Support TZ322 Module
Emotion, Media and Culture SO742 Module
Engaging, Assessing and Motivating Clients KI509 Module
Enlightenment, Revolution and the Modern Social World SO764 Module
Environmental Issues: Social Science Approaches SA303 Module
Environmental Policy and Practice SO539 Module
Environmental Politics SO525 Module
Environmental Social Science Dissertation SA527 Module
Epidemiology and Public Health SO887 Module
Epidemiology and Public Heath SO951 Module
European Social Policy and The Role of Organised Civil Society SO831 Module
Evaluation and Research in Health Services SO950 Module
Extended Essay TZ865 Module
Extended Research Project in Intellectual andDevelopment Disabilities TZ995 Module
Forced Migration , Health and Social Care SO866 Module
Forensic Methods of Identification SE816 Module
Foundations of Sociology SO867 Module
FRTP Module 4 SO819 Module
Functional Analysis TZ603 Module
Functional Assessment of Behaviour TZ536 Module
Fundamentals of Philanthropy SO840 Module
Fundamentals of Sociology SO337 Module
Fundraising and Philanthropy SO839 Module
Gender and Family in a Global Society SO836 Module
Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice SO533 Module
Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice SO830 Module
Gender, Work and Equality SO544 Module
Global Philanthropy: Comparative Perspectives SO959 Module
Globalization and Development SO684 Module
Governing Science, Technology and Society in the 21st Century SO938 Module
Health and Health Service Policy SO603 Module
Health Economics SO892 Module
Health, Illness and Medicine SO509 Module
Homelessness & Pathways to Social Inclusion KI524 Module
How to Win Arguments with Numbers SO746 Module
Humanitarian Issues in Forced Migration SO880 Module
Identity, the State and Belonging SO874 Module
Immigrant Integration and Incorporation SO865 Module
Implementing and Evaluating Behaviour SupportPlans TZ518 Module
Individual Intervention Dissertation SO587 Module
International Migration, Issues and Perspectives SO878 Module
Intervention in Autism (Part 2) TZ529 Module
Intervention in Autism - Part 1 TZ315 Module
Introduction to Applied Health Research SO949 Module
Introduction to Applied Health Research SO900 Module
Introduction to Autism Spectrum Conditions TZ326 Module
Introduction to Criminology SO305 Module
Introduction to Health Economics SO953 Module
Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support TZ517 Module
Introduction to Supporting People on the Autism Spectrum TZ314 Module
Introduction to Supporting People on the Autism Spectrum (APL Assessmen TZ320 Module
Introduction to Supporting People on the Autism Spectrum (For APL Stude TZ321 Module
Introduction to the Autism Spectrum TZ313 Module
Introduction to the Autism Spectrum (APL Assessment Module) TZ318 Module
Introduction to the Autism Spectrum (For APL Students) TZ319 Module
Kent Student Certificate for Volunteering, Platinumn Award SO670 Module
Key Challenges for European Social Policy SO847 Module
Key Issues in Comparative Social Policy SO877 Module
Literature and Society SO737 Module
Making and Implementing Health Policy SA818 Module
Management in Primary Care Organisations SO730 Module
Managing and Delivering Community Care Services SO591 Module
Managing Integrated Health Systems SO964 Module
Managing problem substance use: An introduction KI107 Module
Mental Health SO532 Module
Migration and Belonging SO755 Module
Migration Studies: Theory and Research SO863 Module
Migration, Health and Social Care SO665 Module
Migration: Conflict, the State and Human Rights SO864 Module
Modern Chinese Societies SO709 Module
Modern Culture SO334 Module
New Perspectives on Assessment and Observation SO929 Module
Observation and Analysis of Behaviour TZ523 Module
Organised Civil Society and the Third Sector SO876 Module
Person Centered Values and Support TZ310 Module
Perspectives on Alcohol and Drug use and Misuse KI500 Module
Policing and Society SO5011 Module
Policy, Processes and Practice in Substance Misuse Services KI507 Module
Politics and Sociology of the Environment SA803 Module
Popular Culture, Media and Society SO750 Module
Popular Culture, Media and Society SO506 Module
Positive Approaches to Solving Behavioural Challenges TZ860 Module
Positive Behaviour Interventions TZ901 Module
Poverty, Inequality and Social Security SO575 Module
Practical Placements TZ864 Module
Primary Health Care: Theory and Practice SO735 Module
Prisons and Penal Policy SO940 Module
Promoting Choice, Well-being and Communication TZ311 Module
Psychological & Biological Aspects of Dependency KI511 Module
Public Health and the Role of Primary Care SO732 Module
Qualitative Methods in Health Research SO954 Module
Qualitative Research SO817 Module
Qualitative Research: design, conduct and analysis SO891 Module
Qualitative Social Research Methods SO546 Module
Quantitative Methods in Health Research SO955 Module
Quantitative Research Methods SO889 Module
Race and Ethnic Identity SO528 Module
Race, Difference and Belonging SO884 Module
Racism SO537 Module
Readiness for Direct Practice SO409 Module
Reducing substance use: National and local strategies KI110 Module
Refugees and Forced Migration SO664 Module
Religion and Social Theory SO893 Module
Reproductive Health Policy in Britain SO595 Module
Research and Evaluation Methods SO734 Module
Research Dissertation SO679 Module
Research Methods TZ830 Module
Research Methods KI536 Module
Research Methods in Criminology SO870 Module
Research Project KI533 Module
Research Project in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities TZ994 Module
Risk and Society SO659 Module
Risk and the Modern World SO600 Module
Selfies: Individualization and Society SO6011 Module
Service issues in Intellectual and Development Disabilities TZ863 Module
Service Management:Delivery of Services KI522 Module
Service User Groups, Individuals and Needs SO317 Module
Sex Gender Socialisation SO531 Module
SO621 Narrative, Myth and Cultural Memory SO621 Module
SO748 The Practice of Quantative Research SO748 Module
SO756 Quantative Research Dissertation SO756 Module
Social & Political Movements SO822 Module
Social Change & Political Order SO823 Module
Social Ethics S0556 Module
Social Policy and Social Control SA300 Module
Social Problems and Social Policy II: The Market, The Family and the St SA301 Module
Social Psychology of Autism by Distance Learning TZ866 Module
Social Psychology of Autism by Distance Learning: Advanced TZ873 Module
Social Psychology of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities TZ861 Module
Social Research Methods SO602 Module
Social Research Methods and Evaluation SO592 Module
Social Science Perspectives on Environmental Issues SA806 Module
Social Suffering SO885 Module
Social Work Theories, Intervention and Skills SO313 Module
Society & Animals SO626 Module
Sociological Theory: The Classics SO408 Module
Sociology SO300 Module
Sociology and Social Politics of the Family SO702 Module
Sociology of Crime and Deviance SO505 Module
Sociology of Everyday Life SO336 Module
Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine SO813 Module
Sociology of Religion SO736 Module
Sociology of Violence SO824 Module
Statistics in Applied Health Research SO952 Module
Support, Help and Intervention SO930 Module
Support, Help and Intervention in International Child Protection SO979 Module
Supporting Participation and Independence TZ309 Module
Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis SO890 Module
Techniques of Data Analysis SO832 Module
Terrorism and Modern Society SO594 Module
Terrorism and Modern Society SO825 Module
The Art and Science of Fundraising SO958 Module
The Care and Protection of Children SA531 Module
The City SA515 Module
The Family, Parenting Culture and Parenting Policy SO894 Module
The History of Crime and Punishment SO827 Module
The Idea of Civil Society SO838 Module
The Information Society and Digital Culture SO599 Module
The Patient/Doctor Consultation SO731 Module
The Power and Limits of Causal Analysis SO744 Module
The Social Politics of Food SA519 Module
The Sociology of Imprisonment SO711 Module
The Sociology of Risk SO854 Module
The Sociology of Work SO668 Module
The Third Sector: Non Profit Associations, Charities, NGOS & Social E SO645 Module
The Unconscious at Work: The OrganizationalDimensions of Risk-Management SO931 Module
Theoretical and Diagnostic Approaches to Autism TZ528 Module
Theories of Crime SO869 Module
Theories of Migration, Integration and Citizenship SO873 Module
Theories, Diagnosis & Assessment of Autism TZ534 Module
Thesis:Tizard TZ999 Module
Tizard development module DP6475 Module
Understanding Health Economics SO733 Module
Understanding Social Research SO926 Module
Urban Policy SO939 Module
Urban Sociology SO810 Module
Urban Sociology SO712 Module
User Group Specific Practice SO589 Module
Values & Principles for Health & Social Care Practice SO318 Module
Values, Ethics and Professional Practice TZ522 Module
Violence and Society SO534 Module
Volunteering and Society SO957 Module
War, Atrocity and Genocide SO710 Module
Welfare in Modern Britain SO601 Module
Women, Crime and Justice SO618 Module
Work Based Learning KI508 Module
Work-Based Learning in Applied Behaviour Analysis TZ872 Module
Work-Based Learning in Applied Behaviour Analysis TZ526 Module
Work-Based Learning in Autism Studies TZ527 Module
Work-based Learning in Person Centered Support TZ312 Module
Work-Based Learning in Positive Behaviour Support TZ887 Module
Work-Based Learning in Positive Behaviour Support TZ525 Module
Working Across Agencies and Sectors SO586 Module
Working with Users and Families SO316 Module
Worlds of Work SO886 Module
Year Abroad Mark One SO606 Module
Year Abroad Mark Two SO607 Module
Young People, Crime and Place SO882 Module
Youth and Crime SO828 Module
Youth and Crime SO535 Module

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