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Advanced Cognitive (Neuroscience) Methods in Practice PSYC8500 Module
Advanced Developmental Psychology PSYC5800 Module
Advanced Developmental Social Psychology PSYC8420 Module
Advanced Evidence-based Psychological Intervention PSYX8002 Module
Advanced Research Methods PSYC8080 Module
Advanced topics in business Psychology PSYC8630 Module
Advanced Topics in Cognition in Action PSYC8290 Module
Advanced Topics in Cognitive Development PSYC8510 Module
Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychopathology PSYC8540 Module
Advanced Topics in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations:A Biosocial PSYC8440 Module
Advanced Topics in Intergroup Relations PSYC8130 Module
Applied Cognitive Psychology PSYC6300 Module
Applied Cognitive Psychology SP630 Module
Applied Social Psychology PSYC6210 Module
Applying Psychology PSYC6330 Module
Applying Psychology to Organisations: Extended Literature Review PSYC8590 Module
Assessment and Treatment of Offenders in Forensic Settings PSYC8250 Module
Attitudes and Social Cognition PSYC6120 Module
Biological Psychology PSYC6040 Module
Brain and Cognition PSYC6391 Module
Business Psychology Project PSYC6480 Module
Business Psychology: An Introduction PSYC3110 Module
Child Development PSYC5280 Module
Child Development PSYC7000 Module
Clinical Psychology 1 PSYC5970 Module
Clinical Psychology 2 PSYC5980 Module
Clinical Psychology Project PSYC6003 Module
Cognition in Action PSYC5660 Module
Cognitive Neural Networks PSYC8460 Module
Cognitive Psychology PSYC6050 Module
Culture and Psychology PSYC6420 Module
Current Issues in Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology PSYC8270 Module
Current Issues in Social and Applied Psychology II :Applications PSYC8170 Module
Current Issues in Social and Applied Psychology Part 1 PSYC8020 Module
Developing Leadership, Enterprise and Initiative Taking Skills PSYC6400 Module
Developmental Psychology in Professional Practice PSYC8520 Module
Dissertation:Psychology PSYC9980 Module
End Point Assessment PSYX8005 Module
Enhancing Clinical and Professional skills PSYX8000 Module
Entrepreneurship Innovation and Creativity PSYC8580 Module
Evaluating and Improving Services PSYX8004 Module
Evaluating Evidence: Becoming a Smart Research Consumer PSYC6360 Module
Final Year Project FYP Module
Forensic Cognition: Theory, Research and Practice PSYC8470 Module
Forensic Psychology Project PSYC6004 Module
Forensic Psychology: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives PSYC6370 Module
Groups and Teams in Organisations PSYC8560 Module
Groups In Action PSYC6030 Module
Human Cognition PSYC6250 Module
Human Cognition SP625 Module
Introduction to Biological and General Psychology Introduction to Social Psychology PSYC3010 Module
Introduction to Clinical Psychology. PSYC3140 Module
Introduction to Forensic Psychology PSYC3060 Module
Introduction to General and Biological Psychology PSYC3030 Module
Introduction to Psychology PSYC3100 Module
Introduction to Psychology I PSYC3040 Module
Introduction to Psychology II PSYC3050 Module
Introduction to Psychology Statistics & Practical PSYC3000 Module
Introduction to Social Psychology PSYC3020 Module
Investigating the Social Mind INSS0004 Module
Language and Communication PSYC6160 Module
Language Production - Models and Modalities PSYC8450 Module
Mental Health PSYC7004 Module
Mental Health: Diagnosis, Interventions and Treatments PSYC6410 Module
Motivation PSYC6080 Module
Neuropsychology of Ageing PSYC8025 Module
Organisational Psychology: Methods and Statistics PSYC8570 Module
Personality PSYC5290 Module
Personality and Social Psychology PSYC6392 Module
Personality and Social Psychology PSYC7002 Module
Placement Performance PSYC6170 Module
Political Psychology PSYC8600 Module
Project in Legal, Criminological or Forensic Psychology PSYC6001 Module
Psychoanalysis PSYC6390 Module
Psychoanalysis - Freud SP549 Module
Psychoanalysis - Post Freud SP550 Module
Psychological Assessment, Formulation and Intervention PSYX8001 Module
Psychology of Criminal Conduct PSYC8050 Module
Psychology of Group Behaviour PSYC6260 Module
Psychology of Group Behaviour SP626 Module
Psychology of Law and Justice PSYC8060 Module
Psychology of Music PSYC6430 Module
Psychology of Social Cognition SP631 Module
Psychology of Social Cognition PSYC6310 Module
Psychology PG Advanced Research Training and Employability Sessions DP4151 Module
Psychology Project PSYC6002 Module
Psychology Project (Joint Hons) PSYC6000 Module
Psychology Statistics and Practical PSYC5000 Module
Psychology Year Abroad Mark One PSYC6060 Module
Psychology Year Abroad Mark Two PSYC6070 Module
Psychotherapy Process Research CFPP9900 Module
Reflective Diary PSYC5890 Module
Research Apprenticeship Dissertation PSYC8550 Module
Research in an Applied Setting PSYC6180 Module
Research Methodology and Statistics PSYC7001 Module
Research Project in Criminology,Legal or Forensic Psychology PSYC8090 Module
Researching People with Learning Disabilities PSYC6020 Module
Science of the imagination PSYC6393 Module
Selected Topics in Health and Well-Being PSYC5770 Module
Selection and assessment PSYC8029 Module
Specialist Assessment and Intervention PSYX8003 Module
Statistics and Methodology PSYC8010 Module
Study Skills for Stage 2 Psychology PSYC6380 Module
The Neuroscience of Cognitive Disorders PSYC6110 Module
The Psychology of Eyewitness Testimony PSYC8530 Module
The Psychology of Successful Learning PSYC3141 Module
The Social Psychology of Groups PSYC6190 Module
The Social Psychology of Justice and Morality PSYC6530 Module
The Social Psychology of the Individual PSYC6200 Module
Theoretical Approaches to Clinical Practice PSYC8001 Module
Topics in Business Psychology PSYC6500 Module
Understanding People with Learning Disabilities PSYC6010 Module

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