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Advanced Cognitive (Neuroscience) Methods in Practice SP850 Module
Advanced Developmental Psychology SP580 Module
Advanced Developmental Social Psychology SP842 Module
Advanced Research Methods SP808 Module
Advanced Topics in Cognition in Action SP829 Module
Advanced Topics in Cognitive Development SP851 Module
Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychopathology SP854 Module
Advanced Topics in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations:A Biosocial SP844 Module
Advanced Topics in Intergroup Relations SP813 Module
Applied Cognitive Psychology SP630 Module
Applied Social Psychology SP621 Module
Applying Psychology SP633 Module
Applying Psychology to Organisations: Extended Literature Review SP859 Module
Assessment and Treatment of Offenders in Forensic Settings SP825 Module
Attitudes and Social Cognition SP612 Module
Biological Psychology SP604 Module
Business Psychology: An Introduction SP311 Module
Child Development SP528 Module
Clinical Psychology 1 SP597 Module
Clinical Psychology 2 SP598 Module
Clinical Psychology Project SP583 Module
Cognition in Action SP566 Module
Cognitive Neural Networks SP846 Module
Cognitive Psychology SP605 Module
Culture and Psychology SP642 Module
Current Issues in Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology SP827 Module
Current Issues in Social and Applied Psychology II :Applications SP817 Module
Current Issues in Social and Applied Psychology Part 1 SP802 Module
Developing Leadership, Enterprise and Initiative Taking Skills SP640 Module
Development Psychology SP629 Module
Developmental Psychology in Professional Practice SP852 Module
Dissertation:Psychology SP998 Module
Entrepreneurship Innovation and Creativity SP858 Module
Evaluating Evidence: Becoming a Smart Research Consumer SP636 Module
Final Year Project FYP Module
Forensic Cognition: Theory, Research and Practice SP847 Module
Forensic Psychology: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives SP637 Module
Groups and Teams in Organisations SP856 Module
Groups In Action SP603 Module
Human Cognition SP625 Module
Introduction to Biological and General Psychology Introduction to Social Psychology SP301 Module
Introduction to Clinical Psychology. SP314 Module
Introduction to Forensic Psychology SP306 Module
Introduction to General and Biological Psychology SP303 Module
Introduction to Psychology SP310 Module
Introduction to Psychology I SP304 Module
Introduction to Psychology II SP305 Module
Introduction to Social Psychology SP302 Module
Investigating the Social Mind IS004 Module
Language and Communication SP616 Module
Language Production - Models and Modalities SP845 Module
Mental Health: Diagnosis, Interventions and Treatments SP641 Module
Motivation SP608 Module
Organisational Psychology: Methods and Statistics SP857 Module
Personality SP529 Module
Placement Performance SP617 Module
Political Psychology SP860 Module
Project in Legal, Criminological or Forensic Psychology SP581 Module
Psychoanalysis SP639 Module
Psychoanalysis - Freud SP549 Module
Psychoanalysis - Post Freud SP550 Module
Psychology of Criminal Conduct SP805 Module
Psychology of Group Behaviour SP626 Module
Psychology of Law and Justice SP806 Module
Psychology of Music SP643 Module
Psychology of Social Cognition SP631 Module
Psychology PG Advanced Research Training and Employability Sessions DP4151 Module
Psychology Project SP582 Module
Psychology Project (Joint Hons) SP600 Module
Psychology Statistics and Practical SP500 Module
Psychology Statistics and Practical SP300 Module
Psychology Year Abroad Mark One SP606 Module
Psychology Year Abroad Mark Two SP607 Module
Psychotherapy Process Research KI990 Module
Research Apprenticeship Dissertation SP855 Module
Research in an Applied Setting SP618 Module
Research Project in Criminology,Legal or Forensic Psychology SP809 Module
Researching People with Learning Disabilities SP602 Module
Selected Topics in Health and Well-Being SP577 Module
Statistics and Methodology SP801 Module
Study Skills for Stage 2 Psychology SP638 Module
The Neuroscience of Cognitive Disorders SP611 Module
The Psychology of Eyewitness Testimony SP853 Module
The Social Psychology of Groups SP619 Module
The Social Psychology of the Individual SP620 Module
Understanding People with Learning Disabilities SP601 Module

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