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A Current Issue PO834 Module
Advanced Analysis of British Politics PO672 Module
Advanced Research Design in Politics and International Relations PO8108 Module
Advanced topics in International Relations PO665 Module
African Politics (Brussels) PO957 Module
American Foreign Policy: Ordering the International PO913 Module
Analysing British Politics Today PO336 Module
Analysing British Politics Today PO304 Module
Bi-Diplome Lille (A1) Mark 1 PO321 Module
Bi-Diplome Lille (A1) mARK 2 PO322 Module
Bi-Diplome Lille (A1) Mark 3 PO323 Module
Bi-Diplome Lille (A1) Mark 4 PO324 Module
China's Foreign Policy PO945 Module
Classical and Christian Political Philosophy PO663 Module
Comparative Federal Political Systems PO867 Module
Comparative Political Behaviour PO8101 Module
Conflict Analysis and Northern Ireland: History, Politics & Culture PO664 Module
Conflict and Security PO934 Module
Conflict and Security in Africa PO636 Module
Conflict Prevention PO923 Module
Conflict Resolution in World Politics PO832 Module
Conflict Resolution in World Politics (BSIS) PO860 Module
Conflict Transformation and Peace (Brussels) PO8113 Module
Connections PO685 Module
Conservatism: Politics and International Relations of the Right PO669 Module
Contemporary Development and Security Challenges in the Asia Pacific PO684 Module
Contemporary Energy Security: Models, Markets and Strategies PO943 Module
Contemporary Politics and Government in the United States PO617 Module
Contending Approaches to World Politics PO690 Module
Decision Making in the European Union PO885 Module
Designing Democracy PO926 Module
Development: Theory and Practice PO929 Module
Dictatorship and Democracy PO661 Module
Dissertation in Politics and International Relations Dissertation in Law Dissertation in Migration Studies PO997 Module
Dissertation:Politics PO998 Module
East Asian Political Systems an Introduction PO620 Module
East Asian Politics PO683 Module
East European Politics PO618 Module
Engendering Politics:Feminist Contributions to Political Theory PO593 Module
Ethics in International Relations PO559 Module
EU Crisis Module PO959 Module
EU Politics and Governance (Brussels) PO949 Module
EU Public Policy PO906 Module
Europe and Global Change PO948 Module
Europe and the World PO566 Module
European Foreign and Security Policy in the 21st Century PO814 Module
European Integration PO312 Module
European Public Policy PO886 Module
European Security Co-operation since 1945 PO599 Module
European Union Politics and Policy PO640 Module
Federalism and Federal Political Systems PO866 Module
Federalism, Regionalism and Nationalism in Europe PO609 Module
Foreign Policy Analysis PO924 Module
Foreign Policy Analysis and Management PO563 Module
Gender and Conflicts PO944 Module
Global Governance and International Organisation PO935 Module
Global Politics in Question PO334 Module
Globalisation and World Politics PO328 Module
Governance and politics of contemporary China PO597 Module
Governance and War in Cyberspace PO691 Module
Governance and War in Cyberspace PO8114 Module
Histories of International Conflict PO925 Module
How to Start a Revolution: Ideas and Practices of Political Resistance PO682 Module
Human Rights in a World of States PO859 Module
Human Security in Forced Migration (Brussels) PO955 Module
Humanitarian Communication PO639 Module
Humans at War PO656 Module
Identity, the State and Belonging PO939 Module
International Conflict Analysis and Resolution PO572 Module
International Conflict and Cooperation PO660 Module
International Environmental Politics PO637 Module
International Environmental Politics PO946 Module
International History and International Relations PO305 Module
International Negotiation & Mediation PO848 Module
International Organisation: The UN System PO555 Module
International Political Economy PO668 Module
International Political Economy (BSIS) PO846 Module
International Political Economy: Conflict, Co-Operation and Instituti PO920 Module
International Public Policy PO907 Module
International Relations for International Lawyers PO901 Module
International Relations Theory PO932 Module
International Relations Theory PO824 Module
International Security In A Changing World PO916 Module
International Security Studies PO671 Module
Introduction to Comparative Politics PO327 Module
Introduction to Conflict Analysis and Resolution PO325 Module
Introduction to Government PO315 Module
Introduction to International Politics PO310 Module
Introduction to Political Science PO326 Module
Introduction to Political Thought PO314 Module
Introduction to Strategic Studies PO608 Module
Islam, Conflict and the State PO922 Module
Japan in the World PO557 Module
Key Issues in Comparative Politics PO953 Module
Landscapes of the Future PO681 Module
Lille Year Abroad (A1) Mark 1 PO647 Module
Lille Year Abroad (A1) Mark 2 PO648 Module
Lille Year Abroad (A1) Mark 3 PO649 Module
Lille Year Abroad (A1) Mark 4 PO650 Module
Lille Year Abroad (A2) Mark 1 PO641 Module
Lille Year Abroad (A2) Mark 2 PO642 Module
Lille Year Abroad (A2) Mark 3 PO643 Module
Lille Year Abroad (A2) Mark4 PO644 Module
Lille Year Abroad Mark 1 PO320 Module
Lille Year Abroad Mark One PO631 Module
Lille Year Abroad Mark Two PO632 Module
Making Sense of Politics PO335 Module
Market States and Post Democracy PO645 Module
Marxism PO653 Module
Marxism: Politics and International Relations PO651 Module
Middle Eastern Politics and Society PO8109 Module
Migration: Conflict, the State and Human Rights PO941 Module
Modern Classics of Comparative Politics PO619 Module
Modern Political Thought PO623 Module
Modes of Reasoning PO331 Module
Nationalism PO692 Module
Philosophy & Methodology of Politics and International Relations PO825 Module
PO676: The Radical Right in Western Democracies PO676 Module
PO701 Campaigning and Advocacy (Brussels) PO701 Module
Policies and Policy Making in the European Union PO612 Module
Policies and Politics of Health and Health Care in Humanitarian Disaste PO8112 Module
Policy-making in the EU PO621 Module
Political Behaviour in Britain PO638 Module
Political Communication PO868 Module
Political Research and Analysis PO657 Module
Political Strategy PO903 Module
Politics and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa PO961 Module
Politics and International Relations Year Abroad Mark 1 PO624 Module
Politics and International Relations Year Abroad Mark 2 PO625 Module
Politics and IR Internship PO675 Module
Politics and Popular Culture in Modern Japan PO311 Module
Politics in the Classroom PO652 Module
Politics in Western European States PO607 Module
Politics of Deeply Divided Societies PO654 Module
Politics of the European Union PO611 Module
Politics of The Middle East PO630 Module
Politics of the Middle East PO8104 Module
Post Communist Russia PO579 Module
Power, Interests and Identity in the Asia-Pacific (Brussels) PO954 Module
Presidents, Parliaments and Democracy PO646 Module
Public Opinion and Polling PO655 Module
Public Opinion: Nature and Measurement PO956 Module
Public Policy Analysis PO947 Module
Qualitative Methods PO702 Module
Quantitative Methodology for Political Science PO8100 Module
Regional Conflict & Security Analysis PO918 Module
Religion and International Politics PO666 Module
Research Dissertation PO679 Module
Resistance and Alternatives to Capitalism andDemocracy PO817 Module
Resistance and the Politics of Truth PO942 Module
Resistance in Practice PO936 Module
Resistance in Theory PO937 Module
Resistance, Suffering and Leadership PO686 Module
Russia in International Affairs (Brussels) PO8103 Module
Security and Liberties PO930 Module
Specialist Dissertation (2 units) PO590 Module
State, Market and Society PO881 Module
States, Nations and Democracy PO951 Module
Studying Politics and International Relations:Skills and Methods PO308 Module
Terrorism and National Security PO917 Module
Terrorism and Political Violence PO629 Module
The Contemporary Politics of Japan PO558 Module
The European Union in the World PO831 Module
The Governance of the European Union PO950 Module
The International Politics of Global Climate Change PO662 Module
The Media and Politics of Contemporary Japan PO319 Module
The Politics and International Relations of East Asia PO596 Module
The Politics of Globalisation PO809 Module
The Politics of International Development PO904 Module
The Politics of Trust (in the USA) PO616 Module
The Rise of China PO318 Module
The Rise of China PO658 Module
The US and Latin America PO633 Module
Theories of Conflict and Violence PO828 Module
Theories of Conflict and Violence PO933 Module
Theories of Conflict Cohesion and Consent PO622 Module
Theories of Migration, Integration and Citizenship PO940 Module
Understanding Federalism PO627 Module
Understanding the Contemporary PO332 Module
Understanding US Foreign Policy: War, Trans- formation and Terror PO634 Module
US Foreign Policy (Brussels) PO958 Module
War and Peace in International Society PO667 Module
Year Abroad Mark One PO914 Module
Year Abroad Mark Two PO915 Module
Year Abroad Work Placement PO626 Module
Year Abroad Work Placement (Term Version) PO670 Module

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