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Advanced Macroeconomic Theory ECON8810 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics I ECON8050 Module
Advanced Microeconomics and Game Theory EC883 Module
Advanced Microeconomics of Consumers, Marketsand Welfare ECON8020 Module
Advanced Microeconomics of Games and Information ECON8060 Module
Advanced Topics in Development Economics ECON8460 Module
Agricultural Trade and Policy EC827 Module
Agricultural, Food and Natural Resource Economics ECON5710 Module
Applied Econometrics ECOX5003 Module
Applied Economics Project ECON5640 Module
Applied Environmental Economics ECON6310 Module
Applied Microeconometrics ECON8250 Module
Applied Statistical Analysis for Economics ECOX3004 Module
Behavioural Economics ECON5350 Module
Computational Finance ECON8450 Module
Computational Methods with Matlab ECON8860 Module
Data Analysis for Economists ECON3140 Module
Development Economics ECON5400 Module
Development Economics ECON8440 Module
Development Economics (Brussels) ECON8780 Module
Dissertation in Economics (Brussels) EC997 Module
Dissertation:Economics ECON9980 Module
EC603 Financial Crises ECON6030 Module
Econometric Methods ECON8210 Module
Econometrics 2: Topics in Time Series ECON5430 Module
Econometrics I: An Introduction to Modern Econometrics using Stata ECON5420 Module
Economic Controversies ECON5380 Module
Economic Growth ECON5690 Module
Economic Integration in the EU ECON5440 Module
Economic Policy Analysis ECOX3005 Module
Economic Principles ECON8330 Module
Economics Dissertation ECON5410 Module
Economics for Accounting ECON3007 Module
Economics of Environmental Policy ECON8280 Module
Economics of Finance 1 ECON5620 Module
Economics of Finance 2 ECON5630 Module
Economics of Gender, Children and the Family ECON5670 Module
Economics of the Labour Market ECON5450 Module
Economics Year Abroad Mark One ECON5600 Module
Economics Year Abroad Mark Two ECON5610 Module
ECOX6001 SUM: Economic Growth ECOX6001 Module
Empirical Macroeconomics ECON8200 Module
Environmental and Resource Economics and Policy ECON8800 Module
Environmental Economics, Institutions and Policy ECON5320 Module
Environmental Valuation ECON8290 Module
Extended Economics Essay ECON5650 Module
Financial Econometrics ECON8430 Module
Financial Econometrics ECON8230 Module
Financial Economics I: Financial Markets and Instruments ECON8220 Module
Financial Economics II: Asset Pricing ECON8240 Module
Games for Economics and Business ECON5460 Module
Growth and Development Theory ECON8150 Module
Industrial Economics ECON5470 Module
Industrial Economics and Regulation ECOX6005 Module
Industry Final Report ECON5590 Module
International Economics ECOX5005 Module
International Economics (Brussels) ECON8770 Module
International Economics (Brussels) EC877 Module
International Finance ECON5480 Module
International Finance ECON8160 Module
International Trade ECON5490 Module
Introduction to Econometrics ECON5800 Module
Introduction to Time-Series Econometrics ECON5810 Module
Labour Economics ECON8420 Module
Macroeconomic Analysis ECOX5002 Module
Macroeconomic Analysis AUT EC5001 Module
Macroeconomics ECON5020 Module
Macroeconomics for Business ECON5660 Module
Mathematical Economics ECON5850 Module
Mathematics for Economics ECOX3006 Module
Mathematics for Economics and Business Mode A ECON3050 Module
Mathematics for Economics and Business Mode B ECON3060 Module
Micro-Econometrics EC884 Module
Microeconomic Analysis ECOX5001 Module
Microeconomics ECON5000 Module
Microeconomics for Business ECON3130 Module
Microeconomics of Development ECON5700 Module
Monetary Economics ECON5500 Module
Money and Credit ECON8410 Module
Natural Resource Economics ECON8300 Module
Open Economy Macroeconomics ECOX6003 Module
Policy Analysis ECON5310 Module
Political Economy of Public Policy ECON8320 Module
Preparing for an Economics Placement ECON5360 Module
Principles of Economics ECON3040 Module
Principles of Macroeconomics ECOX3003 Module
Principles of Microeconomics ECOX3001 Module
Professional Economics ECON3150 Module
Project Appraisal ECON8260 Module
Public Economics ECON5530 Module
Quantitative Economics ECON5110 Module
Research Methods ECON8170 Module
Research skills for Economics dissertation ECON8470 Module
Rural and Peasant Economies ECON8310 Module
Statistics for Economics and Business ECON3090 Module
Strategy and Games ECON3120 Module
Sustainable Growth and Environmental Valuation ECON8400 Module
The Economics of Human Capital ECON5820 Module
The Economics of Money and Banking ECON5340 Module
The European Economy in the Twentieth Century ECON3110 Module
The Public Sector ECON5330 Module
Themes in Economic History ECON3170 Module
Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics (SPR) ECON8820 Module
Topics in Advanced Microeconomics EC885 Module
Trade and Development ECON8030 Module
Working with Economic Data on Digital Platforms ECOX3002 Module
World Economics and Financial History: From the 19th Century to the Pre ECON5680 Module

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