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Name Code Type
Advanced Macroeconomic Theory EC881 Module
Advanced Macroeconomics I EC805 Module
Advanced Microeconomics and Game Theory EC883 Module
Advanced Microeconomics of Consumers, Marketsand Welfare EC802 Module
Advanced Microeconomics of Games and Information EC806 Module
Advanced Topics in Development Economics EC846 Module
Agricultural Trade and Policy EC827 Module
Agricultural, Food and Natural Resource Economics EC571 Module
Applied Economics Project EC564 Module
Applied Environmental Economics EC631 Module
Applied Microeconometrics EC825 Module
Computational Finance EC845 Module
Computational Methods with Matlab EC886 Module
Data Analysis for Economists EC314 Module
Development Economics EC540 Module
Development Economics EC844 Module
Development Economics (Brussels) EC878 Module
Dissertation in Economics (Brussels) EC997 Module
Dissertation:Economics EC998 Module
EC3001 - Principles of Microeconomics EC3001 Module
EC580 Introduction to Econometrics EC580 Module
EC603 Financial Crises EC603 Module
EC840 Sustainable Growth and Environmental Valuation EC840 Module
EC842 - Labour Economics EC842 Module
EC882 Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics (SPR) EC882 Module
Econometric Methods EC821 Module
Econometrics 2: Topics in Time Series EC543 Module
Econometrics I: An Introduction to Modern Econometrics using Stata EC542 Module
Economic Controversies EC538 Module
Economic Growth EC569 Module
Economic Integration in the EU EC544 Module
Economic Principles EC833 Module
Economics Dissertation EC541 Module
Economics Mode A EC304 Module
Economics Mode B EC302 Module
Economics of Environmental Policy EC828 Module
Economics of Finance 1 EC562 Module
Economics of Finance 2 EC563 Module
Economics of Gender, Children and the Family EC567 Module
Economics of the Labour Market EC545 Module
Economics Year Abroad Mark One EC560 Module
Economics Year Abroad Mark Two EC561 Module
Empirical Macroeconomics EC820 Module
Environmental and Resource Economics and Policy EC880 Module
Environmental Economics, Institutions and Policy EC532 Module
Environmental Valuation EC829 Module
Extended Economics Essay EC565 Module
Financial Econometrics EC823 Module
Financial Econometrics EC843 Module
Financial Economics I: Financial Markets and Instruments EC822 Module
Financial Economics II: Asset Pricing EC824 Module
Games for Economics and Business EC546 Module
Growth and Development Theory EC815 Module
Industrial Economics EC547 Module
Industry Final Report EC559 Module
International Economics (Brussels) EC877 Module
International Finance EC816 Module
International Finance EC548 Module
International Trade EC549 Module
Introduction to Time-Series Econometrics EC581 Module
Macroeconomics EC502 Module
Macroeconomics for Business EC566 Module
Mathematical Economics EC585 Module
Mathematics for Economics and Business Mode A EC305 Module
Mathematics for Economics and Business Mode B EC306 Module
Micro-Econometrics EC884 Module
Microeconomics EC500 Module
Microeconomics for Business EC313 Module
Microeconomics of Development EC570 Module
Monetary Economics EC550 Module
Money and Credit EC841 Module
Natural Resource Economics EC830 Module
Policy Analysis EC531 Module
Political Economy of Public Policy EC832 Module
Preparing for an Economics Placement EC536 Module
Professional Economics EC315 Module
Project Appraisal EC826 Module
Public Economics EC553 Module
Quantitative Economics EC511 Module
Research Methods EC817 Module
research skills for Economics dissertation EC847 Module
Rural and Peasant Economies EC831 Module
Statistics for Economics and Business EC309 Module
Strategy and Games EC312 Module
The Economics of Human Capital EC582 Module
The Economics of Money and Banking EC534 Module
The European Economy in the Twentieth Century EC311 Module
The Public Sector EC533 Module
Topics in Advanced Microeconomics EC885 Module
Trade and Development EC803 Module
Working with Economic Data on Digital Platforms EC3002 Module
World Economics and Financial History: From the 19th Century to the Pre EC568 Module

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