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A Knight's Tale EN728 Module
A Throw of the Dice: Gambling, Gaming & Fiction EN691 Module
Advanced Critical Reading EN897 Module
Affect in Contemporary American Literature EN912 Module
American Crime Fiction EN658 Module
American Modernism 1900-1930 (Teaching Period I) EN818 Module
American Modernities: US Literature in the 20th Century EN721 Module
American Studies: Year Abroad - Mark 1 EN644 Module
American Studies: Year Abroad - Mark 2 EN645 Module
Animals, Humans, Writing EN709 Module
Blindness, Vision, & Aesthetic Writing in theNineteenth Century EN878 Module
Bodies of Evidence: Reading The Body In Eighteenth Century Literature EN633 Module
Body and Place in the Postcolonial Text EN857 Module
Books that Shaped Culture: An Introduction to Literature EN335 Module
Centres and Edges: Modernist and PostcolonialQuest Literature EN850 Module
Charles Dickens and Victorian England EN580 Module
Chaucer EN578 Module
Chaucer and Late Medieval English Literature EN697 Module
Clouds, Waves & Crows: Writing the Natural, 1800 to the Present EN684 Module
Colonial and Postcolonial Discourses EN852 Module
contemporary British and Irish Poetry EN712 Module
Contemporary Irish Writing EN659 Module
Contemporary Postcolonial Writing EN858 Module
Contemporary Struggles (Paris) EN907 Module
Contemporary Women Poets EN890 Module
Cosmopolitan Wilde: Writings from Dublin, London and Paris (Paris) EN864 Module
Creative Writing EN812 Module
Creative Writing Foundations (Spring) EN339 Module
Creative Writing Long Project EN719 Module
Creative Writing Long Project EN718 Module
Creative Writing Portfolio EN870 Module
Critical Practice EN325 Module
Critical Race Theory EN803 Module
Cross-Cultural Coming-of-Age Narratives EN676 Module
Declaring Independence: 19th Century US Literature EN675 Module
Desire and Loss in Victorian Poetry and Prose EN837 Module
Diaspora and Exile (Paris) EN906 Module
Dickens and Comedy EN877 Module
Dickens and the Condition of England EN876 Module
Dickens and the Material Culture of the Victorian Novel EN836 Module
Dickens, The Victorians and the Body EN835 Module
Discord and Devotion: Society & Spirituality in Middle English Literature EN704 Module
Discovery Space: New Theatres in Early Modern England EN668 Module
Early American Literature 1630-1880 EN628 Module
Early Drama EN302 Module
Early Modern Literature (c.1590-1660) EN556 Module
Early Modern Literature 1500-1700 EN692 Module
Early Shakespeare EN727 Module
Eighteenth Century Literature, 1660-1750 EN635 Module
Eighteenth Century Literature, 1750-1830 EN636 Module
Elements of Fiction EN685 Module
Elizabethan Drama EN650 Module
Empire, New Nations and Migration EN695 Module
Empire, New Nations and Migration EN696 Module
EN336 Literary forms EN336 Module
EN726: The "End of Empire": Post Imperial Writing in Britain EN726 Module
EN908 Inventing the American "Indian" in the Eighteenth Century EN908 Module
EN918 Worldly Entanglements: Where is Theory Now? EN918 Module
English & American Literature: Year Abroad 2 EN643 Module
English & American Literature: Year Abroad 1 EN642 Module
English Long Essay EN594 Module
English Long Essay EN593 Module
European Shakespeare EN915 Module
Extremes of Feeling: Literature and Empire inthe Eighteenth Century EN888 Module
Fantasy and Desire in Early Modern Literature EN575 Module
Fiction 1 EN891 Module
Fiction 2 EN893 Module
From Book to Blog: Geoffrey Chaucer and his Afterlives EN666 Module
From Caxton to Kindle: Hisory of the Book EN896 Module
Genre & Criticism EN309 Module
Global Capitalism and the Novel EN722 Module
Grand Designs MT872 Module
Hacks, Dunces and Scribblers: Authorship and the Marketplace in the Eig EN832 Module
Harlem to Hogan's Alley: Black Writing in North America EN667 Module
Heroes and Exiles: An Introduction to Old English Poetry EN656 Module
Holy Lives and Horrid Deaths: Medieval Saints and Their Cults EN724 Module
Ideas & Practice: Introduction to writing poetry and prose EN334 Module
Illness and Disability in American Culture EN900 Module
Image, Vision and Dream: Medieval Texts and Visual Culture EN646 Module
Imagining India EN834 Module
Individual Writing Project EN614 Module
Innovation and Experiment in New York, 1945- 1995 EN588 Module
Introduction to Research EN990 Module
Jacobean Drama EN651 Module
Jane Austen and Material Culture EN895 Module
John Milton EN652 Module
Language and Place in Colonial and Postcolonial Poetry EN586 Module
Literary Theory EN889 Module
Literature and Food EN634 Module
Literature and Revolution EN991 Module
Literature and Revolution EN662 Module
Lyric, Ballad and Popular Song EN670 Module
Mapping Identities EN338 Module
Marriage, Desire and Divorce in Early Modern Literature EN669 Module
Marxism, Literature and Culture EN716 Module
Marxism: Theory and Culture EN914 Module
Medical Humanities; an Introduction EN909 Module
Medieval and Tudor Literature EN555 Module
Medieval Canterbury MT864 Module
Men and Women: Modernist Poetry EN871 Module
Metropolis: Writing and Spectacle in Early Modern London EN700 Module
Modern American Literature EN630 Module
Modernism EN690 Module
Modernism EN689 Module
Modernism Nineteenth Century Literature EN641 Module
Modernism and Paris EN904 Module
Modernism and the Avant-Garde EN841 Module
Narrative Theory and Practice EN326 Module
Narrative Theory and Practice EN507 Module
Native American Literature EN623 Module
Nineteenth Century Literature EN640 Module
Novelty, Enlightenment and Revolution: 18th Century Literature and Cult EN682 Module
Novelty, Enlightenment and Revolution: 18th Century Literature and Culture EN681 Module
Other Americas EN861 Module
Paris: the Residency EN899 Module
Passport to Oblivion: Writing Self into History EN683 Module
Performing Vice, c.1350-1550 EN715 Module
Phenomenology and Literature EN903 Module
Places and Journeys EN655 Module
Poetry Prose Fiction Early Drama Romanticism and Critical Theory (part-time) Genre & Criticism Voice and Vision Critical Practice Narrative Theory and Practice Poetry Theory and Practice Readings in the Twentieth Century Romantici.. CE166 Module
Poetry 1 EN892 Module
Poetry 2 EN894 Module
Poetry and Crisis, from the First World War to Occupy EN687 Module
Poetry Beyond Text: Image, Installation, Performance. EN729 Module
Poetry Theory and Practice EN327 Module
Post-45: American Literature and Culture in the Cold War Era (2015/2016) EN865 Module
Postcolonial Long Essay EN597 Module
Postcolonial Long Essay EN598 Module
Postcolonial Writing EN583 Module
Postcolonial Writing and the Environment EN916 Module
Prose Fiction CE167 Module
Provocations and Invitations EN872 Module
Queer Enlightenments: Eighteenth Century Narraties of Sex and Gender EN868 Module
Re-visioning: Twenty-first Century Translation EN838 Module
Reading and Writing Poetry EN549 Module
Reading and Writing Short Fiction EN600 Module
Reading and Writing the Everyday EN340 Module
Reading and Writing The Innovative Contemporary Novel EN632 Module
Reading and Writing the Self EN613 Module
Reading the Contemporary EN842 Module
Reading Victorian Literature EN672 Module
Reading Victorian Literature EN673 Module
Readings in the Twentieth Century EN331 Module
Romanticism EN333 Module
Romanticism & the Novel: Walpole to Scott EN546 Module
Romanticism and Critical Theory EN308 Module
Romanticism and Critical Theory (part-time) EN307 Module
Semester Abroad A EN653 Module
Semester Abroad B EN654 Module
Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama EN694 Module
The 'Real' America: Class and Culture in the American Gilded Age EN703 Module
The Avant-Garde Sonnet EN688 Module
The Awkward Age: Transatlantic Culture and Literature in Transition, 1880 -1920 EN866 Module
The Book Project EN992 Module
The Book Project EN663 Module
The British Novel in the 1860s: Sensing Modern Life EN707 Module
The Brontes in Context EN657 Module
The Contemporary EN677 Module
The Contemporary EN678 Module
The Contemporary Memoir EN705 Module
The Creative Writing Magazine EN901 Module
The Global Eighteenth Century EN701 Module
The Gothic: Origins and Exhumations, 1800 to the Present EN723 Module
The Graphic Novel EN717 Module
The Limits of Fiction: American Narrative in the Age of Postmodernism EN840 Module
The Literature of Terror, 1850-1914 EN647 Module
The Love Poem: Wyatt to Nick Cave EN706 Module
The Magical Realist Novel EN680 Module
The New Women: 1880-1920 EN713 Module
The Nineteenth-Century American Short Story EN572 Module
The Stranger EN661 Module
The Stranger EN993 Module
The Twentieth-Century American Short Story EN573 Module
The Unknown: Reading and Writing EN604 Module
The Verbal and the Visual: Dialogues between literature, film, art and philosophy (Paris) EN867 Module
The Verse Novel and Long Poem EN898 Module
Thinking Through Theory (Spring) EN337 Module
Thomas Hardy EN702 Module
Unruly Women and Other Insubordinates: the dramatic repertoire of the Q EN637 Module
Utopia EN714 Module
Victorian Aestheticism and Decadence EN710 Module
Victorian Sustainability EN902 Module
Virginia Woolf EN708 Module
Voice and Vision EN319 Module
Wrestling with Angels: Writing the Prose Poem EN994 Module
Wrestling with Angels: Writing the Prose Poem EN664 Module
Writing America EN332 Module
Writing and the Environment EN839 Module
Writing Female Identity and Experience in Medieval Europe EN725 Module
Writing Fiction: Tradition and Context EN679 Module
Writing Innovative and Avant-Garde Poetries EN686 Module
Writing Lives in Early Modern England: Diaries, Letters and Secret Selv EN660 Module
Writing of Empire and Settlement EN855 Module
Writing Poetry Using Traditional Forms EN674 Module
Writing Prose Poetry and Poetic Prose EN886 Module
Writing the Past: Approaches to the Historical Novel EN671 Module
Writing the Self and Others: Biography and Autobiography - EN910 Module
Writing Violence: The 20th Century, The Holocaust & the Ethics of Repre EN693 Module

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