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Name Code Type
Advanced Concepts in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry CH742 Module
Advanced Cosmology and the Interstellar Medium PH712 Module
Advanced Forensic Project Laboratory PS720 Module
Advanced Topics in Forensic Science PS712 Module
Algebra and Arithmetic PH020 Module
Analytical Chemistry CH604 Module
Astrophysics, Space Science and Cosmology PH304 Module
Atomic and Nuclear Physics PH503 Module
Biomedical Optics PH800 Module
BSC Chemistry Industrial Placement CH590 Module
BSc forensic Science Industrial Placement PS590 Module
Chemical Identification Techniques CH506 Module
Chemical Reactions CH320 Module
Chemical Reactivity PS022 Module
Chemical Skills CH382 Module
Chemical Skills For Forensic Scientists PS381 Module
Chemistry Primary Book List DP9525 Module
Chemistry Research Project CH620 Module
Computational Chemistry CH741 Module
Computing Skills PH302 Module
Contemporary and advanced issues in Forensic Science PS702 Module
Digital Forensics PS511 Module
Disasters PH307 Module
Disasters CH315 Module
DNA Analysis & Interpretation PS637 Module
Electricity and Light PH322 Module
Electromagnetism and Optics PH504 Module
Elementary Particles PH702 Module
Euromasters Project PH754 Module
Firearms & Ballistics PS556 Module
Fires and Explosions PS601 Module
Forensic Archaeology PS502 Module
Forensic Ballistics and Collision Analysis PS505 Module
Forensic Expert Witness Skills PS602 Module
Forensic Facial Identification and Image Analysis PS507 Module
Forensic Physical Methods PS501 Module
Forensic Science For Legal Professionals PS510 Module
Forensic Science Primary Book List DP9550 Module
Forensic Science Project PS620 Module
Forensic Science Project PS603 Module
Forensic Science Research Project MSCI PS740 Module
Fundamental Chemistry for Physical Scientists and Bioscientists CH309 Module
Graphical Methods for Physical Scientists (PH022) PH022 Module
Image Processing PH618 Module
Incident Management PS717 Module
Infrared Astronomy and Numerical Astrophysics PH756 Module
Inorganic and Environmental Chemistry CH534 Module
Inorganic and Materials Chemistry PS508 Module
Inorganic and Polymeric Materials PS503 Module
Inorganic Chemistry PS522 Module
Inorganic Chemistry, Fibres and Microscopy PS534 Module
Introduction to Ballistics PS324 Module
Introduction to Biochemistry ad Drug Chemistry CH314 Module
Introduction to Forensic Science PS301 Module
Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry CH317 Module
Introductory Mathematics and Essay Writing PS014 Module
Introductory Physics Laboratory and Communication Skills PH027 Module
Laboratory and Computing Skills for Physicists PH370 Module
LABS611: Analytical Chemistry for Laboratory Scientists LABS611 Module
Lent Term Coursework CH006 Module
Literature Review PH616 Module
Magnestism and Superconductivity PH752 Module
Main Group and Organometallic Chemistry CH623 Module
Major Incident Management PS704 Module
Materials and Solid State Chemistry CH533 Module
Mathematical Techniques for Physical Sciences PH588 Module
Mathematics I PH300 Module
Mathematics I PH311 Module
Mathematics II PH312 Module
MChem Research Project (CH740) CH740 Module
Mechanics PH321 Module
Medical Physics PH513 Module
Medicinal Chemistry CH511 Module
Medicinal Chemistry CH606 Module
Modern Molecular Synthesis CH743 Module
Molecules and Analysis PS021 Module
Molecules Matter & Energy CH308 Module
Motion & Mechanics Waves and Vibrations Properties of Matter PH023 Module
MSC Research Project PS780 Module
Multimedia for astronomy, astrophysics and planetary science PH512 Module
Numeracy Skills for Forensic Science PS500 Module
Numerical and Computational Methods PH611 Module
Numerical, Statistical and Analytical Skills PS512 Module
Organic Reaction Mechanisms CH504 Module
Particle and Quantum Physics PH722 Module
Pharmaceutical Chemistry CH510 Module
Physical Chemistry CH513 Module
Physical Science Research Planning PS700 Module
Physics PH301 Module
Physics Group Project PH603 Module
Physics Laboratory A PH520 Module
Physics Laboratory II PH500 Module
Physics Primary Book Lists DP9050 Module
Physics Problem Solving PH602 Module
Physics Project PH600 Module
Physics Project Laboratory PH617 Module
Physics Research Project PH700 Module
Polymeric and Organic Materials CH530 Module
Properties of Matter PS023 Module
Properties of Matter PH026 Module
Quantum Mechanics PH704 Module
Quantum Physics PH502 Module
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics PH750 Module
Relativity Optics and Maxwell's Equation PH604 Module
Research Review PH751 Module
Rocketry and Human Spaceflight PH711 Module
Science of Complex Systems PH724 Module
Skills for Forensic Scientists PS318 Module
Skills for Forensic Scientists PS380 Module
Skills for Physicists PS370 Module
Solid State Physics PH606 Module
Space Astronomy and Solar System Science PH709 Module
Spacecraft Design and Operations PH508 Module
Spectroscopy and Bonding CH532 Module
Spectroscopy and Polymer Chemistry/Solid State Inorganic Chemistry CH512 Module
Stars, Galaxies and the Universe PH607 Module
Substances of Abuse PS713 Module
The Multiwavelength Universe Exoplanets PH507 Module
The Sun, The Earth and Mars PH608 Module
Thermal and Statistical Physics PH605 Module
Thermodynamics and Kinetics CH531 Module
Thermodynamics and Matter PH323 Module
Thermodynamics and Spectroscopy PS520 Module
Topics in Functional Materials PS701 Module
Topics in Functional Materials PS604 Module
Topics in Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry CH622 Module
Transformations and Chirality in Organic Chemistry CH624 Module
Waves and Vibrations PH025 Module
Year Abroad PH790 Module
Year in Industry PH590 Module
Year in USA PH799 Module

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