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Advanced Analytical and Emerging Technologies for Biotechnology and Bio BIOS8520 Module
Advanced Drug Design BIOS8270 Module
Advanced Immunology BIOS6220 Module
Advanced Molecular Processing for Biotechnologists and Bioengineers BIOS8510 Module
Advances in Parasitology BIOS8550 Module
Analytical and emerging technologies for biotechnology and bioengineering BIOS8521 Module
Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiological Systems KI701 Module
Animal Form and Function BIOS5460 Module
Bacterial Pathogens: Emerging and Neglected Threats BIOS8530 Module
Biodiversity BIOS3230 Module
Bioinformatics and Genomics BIOS6380 Module
Biological Chemistry A BIOS3211 Module
Biological Chemistry A - BI3210 BIOS3210 Module
Biological Chemistry B BIOS3221 Module
Biological Chemistry B - BI3220 BIOS3220 Module
Biological Membranes BIOS6040 Module
Biology of Ageing BIOS6440 Module
Biology Project BIOS6000 Module
Biomedical Image Acquisition 1 KI700 Module
Biomedical Image Acquisition II KI702 Module
Biosciences Demonstrators DP5175 Module
Biotechnology and Public Affairs BI803 Module
Cancer Biology BIOS6420 Module
Cancer Research in Focus BIOS8570 Module
Cancer Therapeutics:from the laboratory to the clinic BIOS8400 Module
Catabolic and Biosynthetic Process of Life BI500 Module
Cell Biology BIOS5030 Module
Cell Biology and Genetics BI015 Module
Cellular Communication I BIOS6020 Module
Chemistry for Bioscientists BI320 Module
Classification of Living Organisms BI517 Module
Communication Skills in Biology BI016 Module
Developmental Biology BI508 Module
Digital Image Processing BI843 Module
Enzymes and Introduction to Metabolism BIOS3010 Module
Forensic DNA Analysis I BI637 Module
Foundation Biology NATS0001 Module
Frontiers in Oncology BIOS6390 Module
Fundamental Human Biology BIOS3050 Module
Fundamental Human Biology and Genetics NATS0005 Module
Fungi as Human Pathogens BIOS8540 Module
Gene Expression and Its Control BIOS5010 Module
Genetics and Evolution BIOS3240 Module
Genomic Stability and Cancer BIOS8380 Module
Haematology and Blood Transfusion BIOS6270 Module
Haematology and Cellular Pathology BI676 Module
How Enzymes Work BI504 Module
Human Physiology and Disease LABS4207 Module
Human Physiology and Disease BIOS3070 Module
Human Physiology and Disease 2 BIOS5130 Module
Infection and Immunity BIOS5050 Module
Integrated Endocrinology and Metabolism BIOS6260 Module
Introduction to Biochemistry BIOS3000 Module
Introduction to Laboratory Medicine B BI535 Module
Introduction to Laboratory Medicine C BI645 Module
Investigation of Disease BIOS5250 Module
Magnetic Resonance in Biosciences and Medicine BIOS6400 Module
Mathematics for a Foundation Year in Biosciences BI014 Module
Medical Image Computing KI704 Module
Metabolism and Metabolic Disease BIOS5200 Module
Metabolism and Metabolic Regulation BIOS5210 Module
Microbial Physiology and Genetics I BIOS5480 Module
Microbial Physiology and Genetics II BIOS6280 Module
Molecular and Cellular Biology I BIOS3020 Module
Molecular Biology & Genetics BI518 Module
MSc Project BIOS8450 Module
Neuroscience BIOS6430 Module
Outbreaks, Epidemics and Pandemics BIOS8670 Module
Pathogen Diagnosis, Therapeutics and Vaccines BIOS8620 Module
Pathogens & Pathogenicity BIOS6060 Module
Pharmacology BIOS5140 Module
Physiology of Micro-Organisms, Animals and Plants BI635 Module
Physiology of the Microbial Cell I BI511 Module
Plant Physiology and Adaptation BIOS5470 Module
Practical and Applied Research Skills for Advanced Biologists BIOS8360 Module
Practical and Applied Research Skills for Advanced Biotechnologists BI850 Module
Professional Year BIOS7980 Module
Protein Structure & Function BI609 Module
Proteins: Structure and Function BIOS6290 Module
Research Project - ERASMUS students BI630 Module
Research Project/Dissertation in Drug Design BI826 Module
Research, Ethics and Impact BIOS8600 Module
Sandwich Year Assessment BIOS7970 Module
Science at Work BIOS8300 Module
Science Communication and Society Project BIOS8350 Module
Science Communication in Practice BIOS8310 Module
Skills for Biochemists BI601 Module
Skills for Biologists III BI651 Module
Skills for Biomedical Scientists II BI631 Module
Skills for Bioscientists BIOS3080 Module
Skills For Bioscientists 2 BIOS5320 Module
Skills in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology BIOS6730 Module
Targeted Cancer Therapies BIOS8390 Module
The Cell Cycle BIOS6100 Module
The Genome BIOS5490 Module
The IVF World BIOS8420 Module
The Microbial World BI304 Module
The Molecular and Cellular Basis of Cancer BIOS8370 Module
The Science of Reproductive Medicine BIOS8410 Module
Topics in Biology BI619 Module
Topics in Biotechnology BI617 Module
Topics in Forensic Biology BI618 Module
Translating (Bio) Science to Business BIOS8580 Module
Viral Pathogens BIOS8560 Module
Virology BIOS6200 Module
Year Abroad Assessment BI799 Module

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