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Name Code Type
Actuarial practice MA509 Module
Actuarial Risk Management 1 MA921 Module
Actuarial Risk Management 2 MA922 Module
Additional Mathematics MA024 Module
Advanced Regression Modelling MA882 Module
Advanced Regression Modelling with R MA579 Module
Advanced Regression Modelling with R MA594 Module
Advanced Tech Engineering MKC 75 School
Advances in statistics MA7510 Module
Advances in Statistics MA6510 Module
Algebra MA303 Module
Algebraic Curves in Nature MA972 Module
Algebraic Methods MA343 Module
Analysis MA552 Module
Analysis of Large Data Sets MA889 Module
Analysis of Large Data Sets MA899 Module
Analysis of Variance MA772 Module
Application of Mathematics MA344 Module
Applied Algebraic Topology MA964 Module
Applied Bayesian Modelling MA538 Module
Applied Differential Geometry MA609 Module
Applied Differential Geometry MA969 Module
Applied Financial Econometrics MA980 Module
Applied Mathematics and Statistics in Biomedical Imaging MA919 Module
Applied Statistical Modelling 1 MA5501 Module
Applied Statistical Modelling 1 MA6508 Module
Applied Statistical Modelling 2 MA6512 Module
Applied Stochastic Modelling and Data Analysis MA771 Module
Asymptotics and Perturbation Methods MA617 Module
Asymptotics and Perturbation Methods MA871 Module
Basic Differential Algebra MA973 Module
Bayesian Statistics MA883 Module
Big Data and other Analytical Techniques MA5956 Module
Business Economics MA819 Module
Business Economics MA309 Module
Calculus MA301 Module
Calculus and Mathematical Modelling MA321 Module
Calculus for Foundation Year Mathematics MA027 Module
Calculus of Variations MA563 Module
Case Studies in Finance MA939 Module
Communicating and Presenting Results MA5954 Module
Communicating Mathematics MA7503 Module
Communicating Mathematics MA6503 Module
Communication FIR MA953 Module
Communication FIR MA932 Module
Communications in Finance and Investment Writing MA937 Module
Complex Analysis MA572 Module
Computational Mathematics MA584 Module
Computational Statistics MA858 Module
Contingencies MA833 Module
Contingencies 1 MA516 Module
Contingencies 1 MA816 Module
Contingencies 2 MA817 Module
Contingencies 2 MA533 Module
Corporate Finance for Actuaries MA527 Module
Corporate Finance for Financial Mathematics MA517 Module
Curves and Surfaces MA5502 Module
Derivative Markets MA6534 Module
Derivative Securities MA916 Module
Diagram Algebras MA966 Module
Discovering and Communicating Mathematics MA6504 Module
Discrete Mathematics MA7515 Module
Discrete Mathematics MA549 Module
Discrete Mathematics and Computing MA310 Module
Discrete Mathematics and Probability MA304 Module
Dissertation MA960 Module
Dissertation MA600 Module
Dissertation for Mathematics MA578 Module
Economics 2 MA519 Module
Elements of Abstract Analysis MA577 Module
Enterprise Risk Management Financial Risk Management MA909 Module
Exploring Mathematics MA324 Module
Finance & Financial Reporting Finance and Financial Reporting MA826 Module
Finance 1 MA311 Module
Finance and Financial Reporting MA726 Module
Finance and Financial Reporting for ActuarialScience MA526 Module
Finance and Investment MA915 Module
Financial Economics MA834 Module
Financial Mathematics MA715 Module
Financial Mathematics MA820 Module
Financial Mathematics MA315 Module
Financial Modelling MA539 Module
Financial Modelling MA952 Module
Financial Modelling Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management MA840 Module
Financial Modelling and Analysis MA936 Module
Financial Modelling for Excel MA987 Module
Financial Reports and their Analysis MA528 Module
Financial Risk Management MA931 Module
Fixed Income Analysis MA938 Module
Foundation Mathematics 1 MA361 Module
Foundation Mathematics 2 MA363 Module
Foundation Statistics MA025 Module
From Geometry to Algebra MA325 Module
Functions of a Complex Variable MA6517 Module
Functions of Several Variables MA564 Module
Fund Management MA933 Module
Further Discrete Mathematics and Computing MA320 Module
Further Statistical Theory MA864 Module
Games and Strategy MA6518 Module
General Insurance - Premium Rating MA918 Module
General Insurance - Reserving and Capital Modelling MA917 Module
Geometric Integration MA962 Module
Geometry MA300 Module
Graphs and Combinatorics MA595 Module
Graphs and Combinatorics MA995 Module
Graphs, Geometry and Trigonometry MA022 Module
Groups and Representations MA776 Module
Groups and Representations MA576 Module
Groups and Rings MA565 Module
Groups and Symmetries MA5503 Module
Groups, Knots and Fields MA6521 Module
Groups,Rings and Fields MA554 Module
Individual Project in Mathematics MA601 Module
Integrable Systems MA7522 Module
Integrable Systems MA6522 Module
Introduction to Actuarial Research MA923 Module
Introduction to Data Analytics MA5951 Module
Introduction to Finance MA345 Module
Introduction to Financial Concepts MA312 Module
Introduction to Functional Analysis MA611 Module
Introduction to Functional Analysis MA971 Module
Introduction to Lie Groups and Algebras MA561 Module
Introduction to lie Groups and Lie Algebras MA603 Module
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Financial Statements Analysis MA930 Module
Invicta Actuarial Society DP1122 Module
Lagrangian and Hamilton Dynamics MA5504 Module
Life Assurance Practice MA506 Module
Life Insurance MA912 Module
Linear Algebra MA346 Module
Linear Algebra MA553 Module
Linear and Nonlinear Wave MA691 Module
Linear and Nonlinear Waves MA791 Module
Linear Mathematics MA347 Module
Linear Model MA863 Module
Linear Partial Differential Equations MA5505 Module
Macroeconomics for Financial Mathematicians MA5506 Module
Mathematical Inquiry and Communication MA961 Module
Mathematical Investigations and Computer Algebra MA307 Module
Mathematical Methods MA302 Module
Mathematical Methods 1 MA348 Module
Mathematical Methods 2 MA349 Module
Mathematical Modelling MA590 Module
Mathematical Models of Financial Derivatives MA523 Module
Mathematical Skills MA364 Module
Mathematical Statistics MA6507 Module
Mathematical Statistics MA5507 Module
Mathematical Techniques and Differential Equations MA588 Module
Mathematical Workshops MA026 Module
Mathematical Writing and Project MA556 Module
Mathematics and Music MA968 Module
Mathematics and Statistics for Finance MA986 Module
Mathematics in Schools MA575 Module
Mathematics of Finance MA935 Module
Mathematics of Financial Derivatives MA837 Module
Mathematics of Financial Derivatives MA537 Module
Matrices and Computing MA326 Module
Matrices and Probability MA323 Module
Metric and Normed Spaces MA7524 Module
Metric and Normed Spaces MA6524 Module
Microeconomics MA350 Module
Mini-Projects MA599 Module
Modelling of Time - Dependent Data and Financial MA886 Module
MTTDG2TIP:Reflective Professional Practice Mathematics Education and Sc MAE100 Module
Nonlinear Systems and Applications MA7544 Module
Nonlinear Systems and Applications MA6544 Module
Nonlinear Systems and Mathematical Biology MA591 Module
Nonlinear Waves and Solitons MA562 Module
Number Theory MA566 Module
Numerical Methods MA5509 Module
Numerical Solution of Differential Equations MA587 Module
Operators and Matrices MA692 Module
Operators and Matrices MA792 Module
Optimisation with Financial Applications MA5511 Module
Ordinary Differential Equations MA5512 Module
Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions MA568 Module
Othogonal Polynomials and Special Functions MA7526 Module
Pension Funds MA508 Module
Pensions and Other Benefits MA914 Module
Poisson Algebras and Combinatorics MA963 Module
Polynomials in Several Variables MA574 Module
Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models MA835 Module
Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models MA535 Module
Practical Multivariate Analysis MA781 Module
Practical Statistics and Computing MA890 Module
Pratical Statistics and Computing MA866 Module
Principles of Data Collection MA884 Module
Probability MA351 Module
Probability and Classical Inference MA881 Module
Probability and Inference MA629 Module
Probability and Inference MA619 Module
Probability and Measure Theory MA518 Module
Probability and Statistics for Actuarial Science MA319 Module
Probability and Statistics for Actuarial Science 2 MA529 Module
Probability and Statistics for Finance MA934 Module
Probability, Inference and Multivariate Analysis MA862 Module
Project MA867 Module
Project in Statistics or Probability MA602 Module
Project on Financial Mathematics MA598 Module
Proofs and Numbers MA322 Module
Prophet MA950 Module
Prophet 2 MA951 Module
Quantum Mechanics MA607 Module
Quantum Physics MA967 Module
Real Analysis 1 MA352 Module
Real Analysis 2 MA5513 Module
Regression MA632 Module
Regression Models MA612 Module
Rings and Fields MA5514 Module
Several Variable Calculus MA555 Module
Stage 1 SMSAS Module
Starting Research in the Mathematical Sciences MA569 Module
Statistical Applications MA865 Module
Statistical Learning MA7529 Module
Statistical Learning MA6529 Module
Statistics MA306 Module
Statistics for Insurance MA501 Module
Stochastic Models in Ecology and Medicine MA888 Module
Stochastic Processes MA836 Module
Stochastic Processes MA636 Module
Stochastic Processes and Insurance Risk MA887 Module
Stochastic Processes and Time Series MA885 Module
Survival Models MA825 Module
Survival Models II MA525 Module
Symmetries, Groups and Invariants MA605 Module
Symmetries, Groups and Invariants MA965 Module
Symmetry Methods for Differential Equations MA790 Module
Symmetry Methods for Differential Equations MA690 Module
Time Series Modelling and Simulation MA639 Module
Topics in Applied Mathematics MA593 Module
Topology MA567 Module
Topology MA7532 Module
Vectors and Mechanics MA362 Module
Year in Industry MA530 Module

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