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Advanced Java for Programmers CO871 Module
Advanced Network Security CO892 Module
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming CO882 Module
Advanced Programming Techniques CO536 Module
Algorithms, Correctness and Efficiency CO518 Module
Algorithms, Data structures and Complexity CO522 Module
An Introduction to Computer Systems CO581 Module
An Introduction to Programming and Web Techniques CO583 Module
Applications Project CO333 Module
C++ Programming CO889 Module
Cloud Computing CO846 Module
Cognitive Neural Networks CO636 Module
Cognitive Neural Networks CO836 Module
Computational Creativity CO659 Module
Computational Intelligence in Business, Economics & Finance CO656 Module
Computer Graphics and Animation CO641 Module
Computer Interaction and User Experience CO582 Module
Computer Networks and Communications CO633 Module
Computer Security CO876 Module
Computer Security and Cryptography CO634 Module
Computer Systems CO557 Module
Computer Systems CO324 Module
Computers and the Cloud CO337 Module
Computing Concepts and Practice CO332 Module
Computing for Business and Accounting CO357 Module
Computing in the Classroom CO646 Module
Computing Law and Professional Responsibility CO643 Module
Computing Placement Information WSHOP080 Module
Computing Project CO699 Module
Concurrency and Parallelism CO890 Module
Concurrency Design and Practice CO538 Module
Cyber Law CO841 Module
Data Mining CO649 Module
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery CO832 Module
Data Science CO839 Module
Database Systems CO532 Module
Databases and the Web CO323 Module
Development Frameworks CO894 Module
Distributed Systems and Networks CO526 Module
Dynamic Web CO525 Module
eHealth CO816 Module
Electronic Commerce CO639 Module
Extended IT Consultancy Project CO843 Module
Foundations of Computing I CO322 Module
Foundations of Computing II CO325 Module
Functional and Concurrent Programming CO545 Module
Functional Programming CO537 Module
Functional Programming CO326 Module
Fundamentals of Information Technology and Computing CO542 Module
Fundamentals of Programming and Logic CO523 Module
Further Object-Oriented Programming CO520 Module
Graphics Programming with C++ CO653 Module
Green Computing CO847 Module
Human Computer Interaction CO529 Module
Human Computer Interaction CO328 Module
Industrial Placement (12 months) CO912 Module
Industrial Placement (3 months) CO903 Module
Industrial Placement (6 months) CO906 Module
Industrial Placement (9 months) CO909 Module
Industrial Placement Experience CO917 Module
Industrial Placement for Short-Term Visiting Students CO791 Module
Information Systems CO549 Module
Information Systems Analysis CO546 Module
Information Systems Analysis CO533 Module
Internet of Things CO657 Module
Internet of Things and Mobile Devices CO838 Module
Introduction to Information Systems CO321 Module
Introduction to Intelligent Systems CO528 Module
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming CO320 Module
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming CO320_CANTERBURY Module
IT Consultancy Methods CO534 Module
IT Consultancy Practice 1 IT Consultancy Practice 2 IT Consultancy Project CO535 Module
IT Consultancy Practice 2 CO645 Module
IT Consultancy Project CO650 Module
Logic and Logic Programming CO884 Module
Mathematics for Computing CO335 Module
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing CO831 Module
Natural Computation CO837 Module
Natural Computation CO637 Module
Networking CO544 Module
Networks and Distributed Systems CO543 Module
Networks and Network Security CO874 Module
Networks and Network Security CO873 Module
New Enterprise Development CO845 Module
Object-Oriented Programming CO881 Module
Object-Oriented Programming CO541 Module
Operating Systems and Architecture CO527 Module
Parallel Architectures CO891 Module
People and Computing CO334 Module
Problem Solving with Algorithms CO383 Module
Programming for University Study CO012 Module
Programming in a Modern Graphic Enviroment CO401 Module
Programming Language Implementation CO658 Module
Programming Languages: Applications and Design CO663 Module
Project CO600 Module
Project and Dissertation CO880 Module
Project Research CO885 Module
Research and Study Skills CO651 Module
Research Project CO620 Module
Sandwich Year Assessment CO790 Module
Semantic Web CO644 Module
Semester Abroad CO901 Module
Software Engineering CO886 Module
Software Engineering CO510 Module
Software Engineering Practice CO531 Module
Software Engineering Project Workshop CO540 Module
Solving problems with data CO584 Module
System Security CO899 Module
Systems and Services, Design and Management CO648 Module
Systems Architecture CO883 Module
Theory and Practice of Concurrency (2018/2019) CO661 Module
Theory of Computing CO519 Module
Trust, Security and Privacy Management CO834 Module
Video Games Programming CO654 Module
Visual Programming CO331 Module
Web Applications CO327 Module
Web Development CO539 Module
Web-Based Information Systems Development CO887 Module
Year in Computing Project (2016/2017) CO580 Module

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